** Financial figures last updated 27 March 2020 **

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have need for an emergency appeal like this.

The reality is, because of COVID-19, Bloomhill Cancer Care is now facing an unprecedented financial crisis - never before seen by our organisation. 

Our fundraising and social enterprise income from events, markets and cafe has now flat-lined. This equates to $222,500 lost from this financial years budget. Our projected Op Shop revenue for the next 3 months is now also at significant risk.

If we don't act now, this pandemic will have an unimaginable impact on our cancer care services and community outreach programs. This will have flow on impacts to the health and safety of some of our most vulnerable community members. People with Cancer.

We have been here before. Just last year we overcame a monstrous hurdle to Save Bloomhill in the face of adversity. So, I know deep down we can get through this. But only with your help.

Right now, our focus is 100 percent on ensuring our mission-critical services continue to provide the very best professional cancer care and support to our clients in the face a mounting uncertainty.

We are working day and night behind the scenes to develop innovative new ways to deliver our core services and support groups online and in-home in the weeks and months ahead. 

Bloomhill has led the way in integrated cancer care and support for 22 years. With your help we will continue to do this - armed with the very best advice, informed by our strong professional health care team and allied health networks.

Please help us continue to direct this focus where it is needed most right now – by making a donation that will directly translate to hope for our clients who are most at risk from this pandemic. 

Right here. Right Now. You can make a difference. Please donate today.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Franck

Chief Executive Officer

Bloomhill Cancer Care


Please send name, phone number and remittance notice to [email protected] for a receipt of a payment to be issued (please allow up to 7 working days).