This is the 19th Charity Ride and 

'FINAL ENCORE - BnB's Last Lap'

Bras 'n Bikes Event


Yes - that's right. This will be the last BnB Event - EVER!!

So together, we are going to grab this opportunity to CELEBRATE and honour the work that has gone into the past 18 years, by making #19 the most remembered and most versatile event ever hosted by Girl Torque - for the benefit of families affected by cancer in 2020 and are in the supporting hands of Bloomhill Cancer Care. 

Read more about Girl Torque here

In these extraordinary times, we know we will be challenged; just like these families impacted by cancer. And that's our WHY!!

So, help us to help Bloomhill Cancer Care - ONE LAST TIME.

Let's see if we can break all records






Well as you can imagine, we have to be very versatile as things can change at a moment's notice. So, here's the plan - that is definitely subject to change. So stay on your toes.

  1. WHEN? We will run the event on the 18th October 2020 from Yandina Bowls Club. To monitor numbers ALL tickets must be pre-purchased. Gates will open at 7:30am with the ride commencing at 9am. 

  2. Currently, gatherings of 100 people are allowed. However, by October it could be 200 or 20 people! We will be watching State Government requirements and updating the BNB Facebook Page as changes occur. 

  3. A numbering system will be used for the pre-purchased tickets. First in, first choice to attend the ride. So, Grab your ticket FAST!!

  4. Those that cannot attend the event in person, can still purchase a ticket and will be able to join us as a virtual participant. We are optimistic that we can create a live event with the use of modern technology. Therefore, you can still:

    1. Help us make a difference in the lives of those impacted by cancer.

    2. Have a lot of fun by still dressing up and participating in some form or other

    3. So join as a virtual participant and still go in the prize draw.

  5. We will still be doing our usual crazy eye popping pink activities; though it won't be quite the same. 

    1. Those that can attend in person, will be led on an amazing ride through the beautiful countryside of the Sunshine Coast starting and finishing at the Yandina Bowls Club. 

    2. Off course there will be the usual 'Fancy Dress' with prizes for:

      1. Best Dressed Female

      2. Best Dressed Male

      3. Best Dressed Bike

    3. We welcome those unable to attend to enter the 'Fancy 'Dress competition via photos or a short video. Maybe not the same as parading around with equally pinked up people - but YOU could be the winner!

  6. We also plan to have the usual 'Live Auction' with our very own talented Deb Ryan as the final year Auctioneer. Deb has been with the Girl Torque Club for many years and comes with a great sense of humour and a compassion for the cause. Deb will no doubt keep us all on our toes as we bid on just 3 to 4 items. 

  7. DRAW the WINNING TICKETS from the barrel for one of these awesome prizes:

    1. FIRST PRIZE $1000

    2. SECOND PRIZE $650

    3. THIRD PRIZE $350

    4. Let's face it, we can all use cash especially at the moment. So, get on board for your chance to win.

      1. EVERY ticket purchased, is in the draw to WIN!!!

      2. If not in attendance, the persons will be notified. 

      3. Anyone, anywhere in Australia can enter. Even if you are in a Hot Spot. There is no lockdown on transferring the lucky PRIZE winning funds to your account. SO, GRAB YOUR TICKET NOW!

  8. As the 2020 BnB is the 'Final Encore' - the merchandise is quickly becoming COLLECTORS items; so don't miss out on the limited supply!

    1. BnB Stubbie Holders: $6.00 or 2 for $10.00

    2. BnB Neck Socks: $20.00

    3. BnB 2020 Patch: $7.00

    4. Or complete the bundle for $30.00

Disclaimer: We ask you to have a full understand that no-one can predict what the future holds. Therefore, should the circumstances impact our ability to deliver the event: ALL tickets purchased will be considered a kind donation with every dollar going direct to Bloomhill Cancer Care to assist the individuals and their families who have been impacted by cancer. There will be no refunds. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your support.

So JOIN US and help make a difference. Purchase your ticket/s and stock up on the merchandise below.

Booking for this event has now closed.