This page was last updated on 23/03/2020

Bloomhill takes the health and wellbeing of its clients, staff, volunteers and community very seriously. With the upgraded classification of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to pandemic status by the World Health Organisation, Bloomhill has created this Noticeboard to help keep our community informed on any impacts to our services. Please save this link somewhere safe and check in regularly to keep informed.

Bloomhill has release a Position Statement on our Coronavirus Response.

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Below is some helpful information; we do not wish to alarm you, but it is important that we all follow the health department recommendations

Bloomhill Wellness Centre

The Bloomhill Wellness Centre is now closed to all clients and staff. All client care and support programs, where practicable, are now being transferred to tele-health and virtual-health platforms. 

Information for Clients

Information for Staff

Keep Informed - Know the Symptoms

According to health authorities, novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness, which means it affects the parts of your body you use to breathe: your nose, throat and lungs. If you’re sick with novel coronavirus (COVID-19), your symptoms might include:

  • fever
  • a cough
  • sore throat
  • fatigue
  • shortness of breath.

We encourage you to be familiar with these symptoms and also educate family, friends and work colleagues.

Know What To Do If You Develop Respiratory Symptoms

If you are concerned that you have had contact with someone with the virus, and have started contracting these above symptoms – it is important to note that there is a process to follow.  Also Queensland health is urging anyone who has been oversees in the last 14 days and is feeling unwell to see a doctor immediately.

  1. Call ahead to your doctor, to book an appointment, and warn them that you think you may have the virus. Alternatively you can attend one of the Fever Clinics at The Sunshine Coast University Hospital at Birtinya or Nambour Base Hospital.
  2. Wear a surgical mask (if available)  when attending your appointment and follow any instructions given to you by your doctor’s clinic involving quarantine procedures upon your arrival
  3. Quarantine yourself in your own home until such time that you have been advised of your test result

Please note that if you have severe symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, please call 000 immediately.


Know How to Protect Yourself and Others

Please be aware that wearing a surgical mask if you do not have the disease is not necessary, as it only helps contain the disease if you have already contracted it.

If you are concerned about how to protect yourself, note that good hand hygiene and avoidance of direct contact with others who are sick is your best defense. If you wish to be particularly astute, you may also wish to post-pone any elective outings where possible.

Queensland Health advice is to to Protect Yourself & Those Around You following the 5 steps outlined below. The flyer on the right hand side, issued by the Australian Retailers Association, is an excellent resource to download and display at your home or in your workplace to help prevent the spread of the virus. Click on the image to open the .pdf version and save to your computer. 


The Queensland Department of Health's Clean Hands Save Lives flyer below is another valuable guide - along with regular use of hand sanitiser.  

Keep Up To Date With Official Health Information

Click on the image below to view the most recent information directly from Queensland's Department of Health and read "Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) – everything you need to know, in language you can understand."

To view the most recent Health Alert information directly from the Australian Government Department of Health click image below.