Personalised service is key in op shops

For 20 years Marie Beattie has been volunteering with Bloomhill op shops, and it’s still the same things that see her turn up every Thursday afternoon for her shift. “I like the company of the ladies here,” Marie says, “we get along so well. And I like to be helpful, I do what has to be done.” Read more

New program for children of families impacted by cancer

The impact of a parent, grandparent or sibling going through cancer treatment is significant on children in a family, in fact, the entire family is affected. Yet there is currently no dedicated program available across the Sunshine Coast that supports children of parents and guardians with cancer. A community-health gap that aligns strongly with Bloomhill Cancer Care’s mission. Read more

Bloomhill’s drivers are ready and waiting…

Do you have difficulty getting to treatment appointments? Are you aware Bloomhill offers a door-to-door transport service? Read more

Your generous spirit helped me survive

Ric shares from the heart wisdom he has gained through his cancer journey and the wisdom and compassion behind everything Bloomhill has offered him in recovery. Read more