Bloomhill Puts In Place Safeguards to Live On After COVID-19

Bloomhill Cancer Care’s Board has implemented drastic new safe guards to ensure its mission-critical cancer care and support services can continue in the face of COVID-19. These safe guards follow an extraordinary Board Meeting held on Thursday evening March 26th. Read more


Last week before COVID-19 started infiltrating our lives from every angle – I was quietly happy, content, relieved and extremely proud of my achievements. You see last week I just clocked up 5 Years of Staying Alive since my last Cancer treatment. Along with my amazing medical team, Bloomhill played a crucial part in my recovery. I am sharing my personal story today to offer a message of HOPE to you and your families. I also ask you to pay forward this hope for those who need of Bloomhill now. Read more

Big shoes to fill - but Georgie is up for the challenge!

Georgie Bird has the smarts of the digital age, a self-motivated woman of start-ups and international networking. She also has the heart of a Tassie girl who has been volunteering since her teens. Georgie has joined the Bloomhill team to manage and oversea signature events at Bloomhil as assist the charity improve its digital footprint. Read more