Join us in June – celebrate the heroes among us who are baring all to help bolster Bloomhill, the biggest community-based cancer support organisation in our region. We want to provide individualised support to more people than ever in 2021-22, and with your help, we can. 

For the entire month we are calling on you and the entire Sunshine Coast community to band together to help us raise funds and be there for Bloomhill. 

We exist to provide personalised support to those touched with cancer and throughout June we share their stories. Stories of devastation, uncertainty, hope, strength and all the emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis. Brittney, Joe and Sally are three incredibly inspiring individuals who are courageous enough to share their journey and the impact of having personalised support each step of the way. 

They share their stories during June for the same reason, to increase awareness and ensure others touched by cancer are supported when they need it most. 

Being touched by cancer, isn't just the individual diagnosed; its

  • the carer that comes into your home and makes sure all of the day to day things are maintained, you have the medication you need and you get can to the appointments you need to attend. 
  • the parent thats needs to work, keep everything running smoothly at home with the children and take care of their partner who is managing the impacts of their cancer diagnosis.
  • the son or daughter who wants to be able to support a parent who is going through treatment. 
  • the parents of a child diagnosed who need assistance in how to navigate this journey and best support their child. 

Unfortunately, we all know someone that has been impacted by cancer - whilst we cannot currently eradicate this awful reality we can make a difference. We can make sure that no one impacted by cancer goes through it alone. 

This June we ask you to be there for Brittney, for Joe and for Sally as they share their stories and ask that you help us continue this vital service for generations to come. 

Be There For Brittney

This is Brittney. An equine sports massage therapist on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

She is an animal lover with an extraordinary upbringing and a zest for life. She also has first hand experience of being touched with cancer.

Be There for Brittney this June as she shares her story. 

Read Brittney's story


Be There For Joe

This is Joe. An extremely talented professional photographer with a successful career as a wedding and fashion photographer in Melbourne before relocating his business to the Sunshine Coast. 

He is a lover of travel, cruises and all things tourism. He also had his life turned upside down when touched by cancer. 

Be there for Joe in June as he shares his remarkable story. 

Read Joe's story

Be There For Sally 

This is Sally. A young mum to two beautiful boys on the Sunshine Coast with an established career in the health industry. 

She also has been touched by cancer and turned her experience into making a difference for others who find themselves in similar positions. 

Be there for Sally in June as the devoted and kind hearted mother shares her story.

Read Sally's story

The impact of your gift - Mind and Body

$30 funds a 10 pass to our group activities (yoga, Pilates, gym) designed to help our client’s live healthy lives while going through treatment and recovery. 

$55 funds one lymphoedema treatment, massage, or reflexology therapy session to relieve anxiety, stress and physical discomfort associate with living with cancer. 

$110 funds a return trip door to door to Brisbane for a client and family/support person for treatments not available on the Sunshine Coast. 

$250 Provides funding for two people to attend our bereavement support group, ensuring care and support is ongoing for loved ones. and carers living beyond cancer. These support groups often form lifelong friendships and support networks. 

$350 The cost of 2 months Lymphoedema Management for one woman living with the ongoing impacts of breast cancer surgery and treatment. Breast cancer is currently the no. 1 cancer diagnoses for women living on the Sunshine Coast. 

$450 Surviving cancer is one thing, the fear of recurrence is another - Fund 8 clients to attend the 'Fear of Recurrence Group Program'.

$480 To purchase a recumbent exercise bike.

$600 The gift of free nursing care for one client for an entire year, so that someone with cancer can focus their energy on their health and living well with cancer.  

$850 Provides individual bereavement counselling for one client for one year.

$1,500 Transport to treatment allows a client to have 30 free trips whilst receiving treatment. 

$1,545 This gift provides a therapy pack for one client for six months.

$2,400 Allows 60 clients to attend an 8-week Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery Program.

$3,000 Provides ONE hundred clients with 10 weeks of Gym/Pilates passes - We know prescription exercise during and after cancer treatment can improve treatment outcomes.

$5,000 To purchase a Pilates reformer - this will help 400 clients over the next year. 

$18,000 For counselling sessions to assist in dealing with the psychological burden of cancer diagnosis, treatment or relapse. 

$33,000 Changing lives - This gift provides 5 FREE individual Exercise Physiology sessions for 10 clients monthly for 1 year.

$36,000 Provide 600 counselling sessions for FREE for one year. 


Donations and fundraising proceeds can be made by clicking the donate button on this page. Alternatively you can set up your own fundraising page and put out a call to action to your friends, colleagues and social media networks to donate to our cause. For more information on setting up a fundraising page, please contact Nikki Firmin: [email protected]

All donations received by Bloomhill go directly toward supporting people to live well with cancer. Every donation over $2AUD is tax deductible in Australia.