With a 1 in 2.4 chance 

of being diagnosed by age 80*

the confronting truth is that you, your loved ones or your neighbours will likely be impacted by cancer in your lifetime.

On June 19 join forces with us

and pledge your support

to transform the lives of people living with cancernow and for generations to come.

It's super easy to lend your support

Simply Donate or Fundraise for us - your way.

A large donation means more money goes towards supporting people in need.

Multiple smaller donations means many eyes and hearts are on the problem.

We need both.

This year will be like no other

as we launch 'The Chrysalis'

A NEW community of donors so passionate and determined they give every month

ensuring resources are ongoing to provide the very best cancer care for people in need.

Thanks to a very generous donor

EVERY new monthly gift will be matched x4!

This means that if you join our monthly giving program on June 19 

your gift will make four times the impact in the life of someone with cancer.

Now more than ever our cancer care charity

will be critical for those impacted by COVID-19

You can give the gift of wings to someone living with cancer

by removing financial stress and allowing them to focus on what matters most.

Health, Family, Love, Community and HOPE.

This June 19

please dig deep to Be there for Bloomhill

so that we can Be there for YOU, YOUR loved ones

and your COMMUNITY when you need us most.

Be Part of the Solution

Come make history with us!

About Be There for Bloomhill Giving Day 2020

Our Annual Giving Day is now set for June 19. For the month of June we are calling on you and the entire Sunshine Coast community to band together to help us raise funds for the last and final stage of our Emergency Appeal - Coronavirus Response AND to set a new course for generations to come!

As annual demand continues to grow for our services - we are now also planning to meet projected client growth caused by disrupted cancer diagnosis and treatment during COVID-19 lock downs. This means we need your support more than ever to continue to direct funds where they are needed most.

Thanks to an amazing and very generous donor couple EVERY new monthly giving gift made on June 19 will be matched x4! This means you can make four times the impact with you gift. How amazing is that?! (Register for alerts to find out more!)

Donations and fundraising proceeds can be made by clicking the donate button on this page. Alternatively you can set up your own fundraising page and put out a call to action to your friends, colleagues and social media networks to donate to our cause.

All donations received by Bloomhill go directly toward supporting people to live well with cancer. Every donation over $2AUD is tax deductible in Australia.

*Cancer Council Sunshine Coast Regional Cancer Statistics.