By donating to our Greatest Needs Fund, your support will enable a range of practical and program based initiatives, aligned with our whole-of-community approach to cancer care and support.

Some examples of the types of needs we will address with your support include helping us to:

  • Provide practical support to clients, carers and children facing extreme financial hardship or in need of immediate support
  • Attract and retain highly qualified and compassionate nurses to meet ever increasing demand for our services.
  • Enable new supports programs aimed at building social connections and support networks for managing short and long term impacts of living with and beyond cancer.
  • Provide vital funds for building strategic partnerships that will build upon our evidence-based integrative model of cancer care and support.
  • Fund urgent and unforeseen building upgrades or maintenance projects at our Wellness Centre.

Should you wish to direct your gift towards a specific initiative, we encourage you to explore your gift intentions with a member of our Bloomhill Advancement Team on 5445 5794. 

Note, all donations over $2AUD are fully tax deductible in Australia. Please retain your receipt for taxation purposes.