Cancer survivors are commonly affected by lymphoedema.

We proudly provide specialist lymphoedema services to those who are at risk of, or are living with, lymphoedema.  Evidence based decongestive therapies are delivered by specialist practitioners. Our clinic utilises advanced lymphoedema measurement technology, photobiomodulation therapy and lympha-press managment devices. 

Your support will allow us to continue to provide subsidised rates for the treatment of lymphoedema to cancer patients of the Sunshine Coast. Your donation will make a difference.

If you know someone with lymphoedema please recommend Bloomhill Cancer Care to them. If you experience it yourself, please get in touch. We can help.  

Lymphoedema client and cancer survivor Carol shares her story for Lymphoedema Awareness Month 

I first came to Bloomhill for support in 2020, the year after I was diagnosed with tongue cancer.  

I had undergone surgery on my tongue, and 36 rounds of radiation, by this point. The surgery removed all lymph nodes from one side of my neck, which I later learned is what led to this lymphoedema.   

These days I go and see Debbie Myers at Bloomhill every month, and she uses decongestive techniques on the radiated side of my face and neck that redirect the fluid away from the treated area - transporting it to the viable lymph nodes on the opposite side where it can be effectively processed. It helps a lot.   

I would definitely recommend contacting Bloomhill if you have lymphoedema – and supporting their fundraising campaign this month.  Getting a massage for lymphoedema outside of Bloomhill costs a lot more money. Bloomhill provides subsidised care and can do it cheaper, and it really helps because you need regular treatment and every treatment adds up.   

To read Carol's full story click here. 

Regular specialist massage helps me keep on top of my ‘problem arm’: Heather Rutherford  

By Heather Rutherford, breast cancer survivor and Bloomhill lymphoedema services client  

I survived breast cancer that was diagnosed 50 years ago, when I was 32. I am now 83. I didn’t just survive; I went on to live a full life.  

I’ve seen my two sons grow up and have five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, after surgery and radiotherapy successfully removed the cancer.  

There were lasting impacts of the treatments on my health, including what we now know to be the condition, lymphoedema.  

More than 10 years after surgery, I noticed one arm was larger than the other, and the swelling got worse and painful. My clothes stopped fitting.   

I have specialist massage at Bloomhill every month to manually drain lymphatic fluid from my problem arm. It keeps on top of it for me. 

It is just wonderful what Bloomhill provides. It’s not just the physical aspect – although that part is extremely helpful to me. It’s the way Debbie and the care team treat you as a whole person.  

To read Heather’s full story click here. 

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