We are painfully aware that although new treatments have changed the long-term outcomes for many with cancer, some of our clients will face the devastating news that the cancer has recurred or cannot be cured and will require support in preparing for their death or the loss of a loved one.   Our Bloomhill nurses will be an invaluable support at this time of transition and will provide sensitive care and help with planning and referrals or recommendations to assist the family in making plans that are best for them.  Dr Kasia, our GP has specialist training in palliative care and can see clients for advance care planning and can work the palliative care specialists.  Bloomhill does not provide end of life nursing care, but our team will guide and support families through this time and can provide recommendations and referrals to the palliative care services on the Sunshine Coast who provide both hospice and in home care options of care. 

Our care for family members doesn’t end with the death of a loved one.  Our nurses stay in touch with carers for up to two years after the death of a client and send information and invitations to participate in our bereavement services which include the annual memorial service, the bereavement support groups and individual counselling.  Bereaved clients are encouraged to consider their own well-being, as they have often been care-givers for many years.  Seeing the Exercise Physiologist for an exercise program, joining the gym sessions, Pilates or yoga classes or having a relating massage can all help with the physical recovery in grief.  Some bereaved clients will benefit from individual grief counselling from our counsellor or psychologists.