Shelley's Story

A place to make connections, receive kindness, and absorb knowledge.    Breast cancer survivor Shelley Fribbens says Bloomhill Cancer Care’s wellness centre helped her make sense of her condition and treatments, and to build an effective recovery plan. Read more

Benita's Story

I was quite shocked when a routine mammogram showed up a 2.5 cm lump in my breast in 2017. I had been having regular, 12-monthly breast checks as my sister had had breast cancer. My breast surgeon thought a lumpectomy and some radiation would be adequate treatment. Read more

Valda’s story

A CALM, welcoming oasis. That’s how breast cancer survivor Valda Queenin describes Bloomhill Cancer Care, where she found help after her diagnosis. In 2015, the Buderim resident received “the call-back you never want to get” following a breast screen test. Read more