The BLISS & Wellness Client Fund benefits our clients directly by breaking down financial barriers to accessing essential treatment and wellness support services. 

Bloomhill supports the best management of the mind/body connection to help our clients feel strong and empowered about their cancer journey. Our services include ongoing Lymphoedema management, relief therapies (acupuncture, massage, reflexology), customized fitness classes (Yoga, Gym, Pilates), and mindfulness (meditation).

BLISS and Wellness treatment packages range from $30 (group fitness class 10 pack) to $295 (Lymphoedema Management Pack) to $500 (Bloomhill Welcome Wellbeing Package)

In the last financial year Bloomhill sponsored 381 acupuncture treatments, 460 reflexology treatments, 655 massages and 647 lymphoedema treatments. We also ran 1012 yoga classes, 716 circuit classes, 516 Pilates classes, 700 meditation sessions, 86 men’s health exercises classes.

Please help us support our clients to live well with cancer by making a donation today. The more money we raise, the more people we can support to live well with cancer!

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