What does being a Digital Marketing & Communications Volunteer look like at Bloomhill?

We currently have a small team of volunteers who provide invaluable digital marketing & communications support to the Bloomhill Advancement Team (affectionately known as the BAT team). However, as COVID-19 has made us acutely aware - we are in need of a much larger team to draw on to help us expand our digital footprint, to assist staff and volunteers to become more digitally savvy,  to adapt and grow the future potential and viability of our charity. 

The term Advancement has been adopted by the team to recognise and capture the ongoing, coordinated approach - required across all levels of staff, volunteers and the Board - to become advocates of what can be achieved for Bloomhill’s clients through outstanding community engagement, fundraising, partnerships and philanthropy.

Volunteers who join our team are free to pick and choose the projects they work on, tailored to their skill set and preferred volunteer hours for the week, and can work flexibly either at the Centre or from home - or both. 

There are so many ways you can support Bloomhill's Advancement Team. Here are just some examples of how you might be able to contribute and support the great work we do:

  • E-News Copy: source and prepare copy for Bloomhill’s e-newsletter to share volunteer, client, staff, supporter and donor stories to build an active, informed and engaged community.
  • Editorial support: Content creation, editing and/or approving content on a website or online community; proofreading content.
  • Outreach support: Assisting Bloomhill with its promotional campaigns; managing or participating in social networking strategies; assist in the preparation of digital fundraising projects; facilitating connections between individuals who share the same interests.
  • Office support: supporting staff members with day-to-day tasks; helping out with correspondence; data entry and analysis, cataloguing or archiving documents and photos; writing grant proposals; performing desktop research.
  • Web / Social Media support: managing an online community, troubleshooting communication challenges; designing marketing collateral; ensuring overall quality of online content.
  • Online shop: help develop marketing, sales and distribution potential of Bloomhil’s new online shop to build new income streams that will help fund more cancer care and support services at our Wellness Centre.
  • Community support: mentoring; training or coaching staff and volunteers to be more digitally savvy; coordinating a team of other volunteers in community engagement and fundraising; facilitating knowledge-sharing; organizing off-line meet ups and brainstorming new ideas.

There are no limits to what you can do as a volunteer with us. With a little creativity and help from emerging technologies this list of sample activities is only likely to grow in the future.