The Bloomhill Family and Carer Support Fund benefits our clients’ families and carers’, empowering them to access support for their own personal health and wellbeing needs.   

At Bloomhill we are just as dedicated to caring for our carers, as we are to caring for our clients.

We recognized that caring for someone who is facing cancer can be all consuming and stressful - often times resulting in lives being put on hold while time and energy is focused towards assisting loved one’s carry out their cancer journey.

A carer can be a spouse, relative, friend or neighbour who is proving short or long term support or care for someone facing a life limiting diagnosis of cancer.

In 2018 Bloomhill sponsored x Bereavement Counselling Packages ($240 pp) and Y six-week Bereavement Support Group Packages ($60 pp).

For every $1000 raised we can reach out and positively impact the lives of 10 family members and carers. We currently have X carers supporting our beautiful clients.

Please help us support our carers to live well with cancer by making a donation today.

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