Fundraising Guidelines  

These guidelines have been developed to assist groups and individuals planning a community fundraiser, appeal or event to benefit Bloomhill Cancer Care.  

Once registered, you will be issued with an ‘Authority to Fundraise’ Letter, which is required by law for any person wanting to fundraise on behalf of a charity.  

Your authority to fundraise for Bloomhill Cancer Care is valid for a set period, which will be detailed in this letter. 


Terms and Conditions 

If accepted, these terms and conditions will form the basis of any dealings between Bloomhill Cancer Care and the Event Coordinator/Organisation in relation to the fundraiser, appeal or event.  


Organising the Event    

The fundraiser/event shall be conducted in the Event Coordinator’s/Organisation’s name and is the sole responsibility of the Event Coordinator/Organisation.  

Bloomhill Cancer Care is limited in providing support around coordinating the event, this includes but it not limited to; 

  • Soliciting prizes 
  • Organising publicity 
  • Providing goods or services 
  • Ongoing assistance to the Event Coordinator/Organisation in the running of the fundraiser/event.  

Please note: The Donation portal on the Bloomhill Cancer Care website may not be used as a ticketing system for events. The Event Coordinator/Organisation will need to be responsible for collecting all ticket payments and monies raised at an event. 



Please note any person or organisation fundraising for Bloomhill Cancer Care must, by law, be authorised by Bloomhill Cancer Care.  

The approval process is simply determined by the potential success of the events and to ensure it aligns with Bloomhill Cancer Care’s vision, mission and values. 

Once authorised, you will receive a confirmation letter that outlines the start date and completion dates of your fundraiser. 


Upholding Bloomhill Cancer Care’s Standards  

Because of the nature of our organisation and the high ethical standards under which we operate, there are some events that it is not in Bloomhill Cancer Care’s best interest to be associated with.  

It is important that the appeal or event accords with Bloomhill's health messages and values, including in relation to tobacco, sun exposure, obesity and healthy eating and alcohol.  

Further, the use of Bloomhill’s logo should not appear anywhere near the logos of companies involved with cigarettes, e- cigarettes, alcohol, fast food or tanning salons. 



You are responsible for obtaining your own insurance coverage as appropriate for your fundraising event or activity.  

Bloomhill Cancer Care cannot be liable for any injury, damage or loss sustained as a result of any fundraising activities. The Event Coordinator/Organisation are also not covered by Bloomhill Cancer Care’s personal or public liability insurance.  



The Bloomhill Cancer Care logo is of considerable value as it represents the charity’s brand and image.  Where Bloomhill Cancer Care’s name or logo is used in association with an appeal or fundraiser, prior approval is required before any collateral or material is printed and/or circulated. Once endorsed, Bloomhill will supply logo/s to be used on marketing collateral and materials.  

If your fundraiser or event has selected to donate a percentage of sales over a period of time to Bloomhill Cancer Care, you are required to acknowledge this information on all collateral, printed materials and correspondence relating to the promotion of this event/fundraiser. Transparency and trust are vital here.  


Fundraising and the Law  

The financial aspects, fundraising, raffles, recordkeeping and management of any fundraiser, appeal or event are the responsibility of the Event Coordinator/Organisation.  

Along with complying with the terms and conditions outlined here, you are also required to comply with the Queensland: Collections Act 1966 (QLD) and Collections Regulations 2008 (QLD) and can be viewed at   

Please note collections from the public through door-to-door knocking, telephone calls or by soliciting donations in public places, requires special permits to be obtained from the Queensland Office of Fair Trade.  As such, Bloomhill will not endorse such collections without prior consultation confirmed in writing.  



The best way to deposit any cash donations collected is to pay them to your fundraising page. Once registered you will also be issued with our fundraising bank account details should you not be able to bank online.   

Please use your unique registration code when you bank money of communicate with Bloomhill’s fundraising team.  We recommend you try to bank money as soon as possible after you raise it, with all funds banked no later than 14 days after your event is finished.  


Expense and Record Keeping   

Bloomhill cannot pay your expenses, but you can deduct your necessary expenses from the proceeds of your event, provided they are properly documented. In accordance with best practice, Bloomhill require that you keep expenses to no more than 40% of funds raised.  



Issuing Tax Deductible Receipts  

Bloomhill are more than happy to provide official tax-deductible receipts for all philanthropic cash donations over $2.  

The best way for donations is to be made is via the donate button on our website, or via your unique fundraiser page if you have chosen to set one up. By donating directly online, your fabulous supporters will be automatically issued with a tax-deductible receipt straight to their chose email account.  

Note lump sum collections, purchase of raffle tickets, purchases of merchandise, donations of goods and services, auction purchases, and the cost of attending fundraising events are not tax-deductible. For more information, please contact the Australia Tax Office at  


Bloomhill and Fundraising 

Bloomhill Cancer Care Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. We are a not-for-profit charitable organisation registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.  

As an authorised fundraiser for Bloomhill, your fundraiser, appeal or event must meet requirements of relevant laws and regulations. Please also see the guide to fundraising here( We ask that you familiarise yourself with the above terms and conditions and relevant resources provided. Please contact our friendly fundraising team on 07 5445 5794 if you need further direction or guidance in this area. 


Authority to Withdraw Approval to Fundraise 

Bloomhill Cancer Care reserves the right to withdraw approval to fundraise should it be necessary to protect the reputation of Bloomhill Cancer Care.