This year I have chosen to fundraise for Bloomhill Cancer Care Christmas Appeal.

Bloomhill is an incredible organisation who supports those fighting and those families living with cancer.

This year, a majority of people, regardless of their health, have experienced uncertainty, fear and worry because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Imagine having to confront a cancer diagnosis, or go through treatment at this time. Family finances can be significantly impacted, as medical costs add up, and because families often have to take time off work. This can often mean that times like Christmas that should be memorable, joyful and exciting for children and loved ones can become even more stressful and daunting due to financial impact.

In loving memory of my father Mark who lost his battle to cancer in 2018, I would like to raise funds to bring even one smile to those effected this Christmas.

Please consider donating to this incredible organisation where 100% of proceeds go to helping those families living with cancer.

So much love,

Shae x

Shae Swasbrook-Murray