CCM Project Sponsor, Dan Kelliher, made a commitment to not cut his hair or beard until the end of Phase One. His last trim was November 2020.

Now that he is looking sufficiently scruffy and the end of Phase One draws near, it's time to whip out the clippers (and wallets). To commemorate Dan's return to a short back and sides, we will raise funds for the Bloomhill Cancer Care facility in Buderim.

As a cause close to Dan and an important resource to members of the Sunshine Coast Community, Bloomhill aims to enhance the quality of life for people living with and beyond cancer, through practical, physical and emotional support and empowerment using education and awareness.

Dreams of mullets aside, Dan will get a number one on the clippers all over. Please consider donating as every dollar counts.

All A&G employee contributions will be dollar matched by Our Community.

Dan Kelliher