Bloomhill Cancer Care was among the first local community groups approached to become a myIGA Card Program Beneficiary when IGA Marketplace Wises Road opened five years ago, and we continue to enjoy a close association with the store.

Through the program, My IGA Card members are rewarded instantly at the register with discounts on hundreds of different products across the store each week. As part of the registration process, members select a local community group to donate their shopping points to. Collectively these points accrue and are converted to funds for the beneficiary.

Bloomhill Cancer Care has enjoyed huge support from customers at IGA Marketplace Wises Road and in 2019 the program raised sufficient funds to purchase a new Nissan Qasquai for our Client Transport Service. This transport service plays a critical part of Bloomhill's community-health services by actively breaking down barriers to access essential cancer treatment and support. 

Outside the My IGA Card program, the team at IGA Marketplace take great care of Bloomill all year round by providing excellent support to our volunteers who run they Community Cafe. Each week fresh, locally sourced produce is delivered to our door so we can cook up a storm for our clients, staff and broader community to enjoy. 

We urge everyone to shop at IGA marketplace Wises Road and sign up for the free My IGA Card and to nominate Bloomhill as their chosen charity!

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