Sometimes you just need a little BLISS to help you get through the tough times. At Bloomhill we have a dedicated service to support clients who are living with lymphoedema. 

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels throughout the body tasked with draining lymph fluid from the tissues back into the bloodstream.   Lymphoedema is classed as either Primary or Secondary.  Bloomhill lymphoedema therapy staff specialise in the treatment and management of Secondary Lymphoedema which occurs as a result of damage to the system during surgery or radiation following cancer treatment. 

Lymphoedema develops due to a blockage or breakdown in the drainage system and a build-up of fluid occurs.  It can develop within months or even many years after treatment for cancer; usually in the arms and legs but can also occur in the neck, face, chest wall and upper body.  

The most common cause of secondary lymphoedema is following treatment for Breast Cancer, with conservative estimates suggesting that at least 20% of breast cancer survivors will experience lymphoedema.  It can also develop following treatment for head and neck cancers.  Men and women who have had surgery and radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer of the prostate, bowel or reproductive systems are also prone to lymphoedema of the legs, groin and genitals. 

At Bloomhill we have a team of specialist staff who can assist in prevention of lymphoedema, through education and exercise. Early intervention through regular monitoring is vital to reduce the progression phase of lymphoedema. 

BLISS are fortunate to be able to provide accurate monitoring through a specialised bioimpedence spectroscopy (BIS) device, also commonly known as an L-Dex Score.  Assessments, education on care and self-management can help to keep lymphoedema appropriately managed, thereby limiting the discomfort and impact on a person’s day to day activities.  

Should you require Manual Lymphatic Drainage, treatment for cording, surgical and radiation scar work, it will be provided by decongestive therapist or Occupational Therapist.  Compression garments are frequently recommended as part of lymphoedema management, and measurement and fitting of garments can be provided.  Fees for service are kept to a minimum to enable clients to access these services.   In some instances, Medicare rebated services can be available. (see BLISS services and pricing flyer below).

The BLISS Clinic can also provide ‘virtual’ consultations for women in rural and remote areas who are unable to access a lymphoedema specialist in their local area.   A private “Zoom” appointment can be arranged, so that the client can speak personally with the therapist and a physical assessment can be achieved.  

BLISS also has its own closed Breast Cancer Lymphoedema Facebook group for women who wish to sharing information and ideas with others.   The group is moderated by Bloomhill’s decongestive therapist. 

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