About the program

The Mindfulness-based Cancer Recovery Program is an 8-week program that provides information and practical application of meditative practices designed to help you develop a particular form of present moment awareness, known as mindfulness.

The program is specifically designed for people living with cancer and their carers and provides participants ‘hands-on’ practice sessions, information and discussion.

Over time with regular practice, implementing mindfulness practices into daily life can lead to positive influences on resilience, selfregulation and well-being (Siegel, 2007).

Studies on this program have shown benefits to reducing stress symptoms and mood disturbances with participants reporting reduction of tensions, depression, anger and concentration problems. (Speca, Carlson, et al., 2000)

The 8-week program commences 19th July including a half-day Saturday retreat on 28th August.

Program details

WHO: The program will be facilitated by Sabine Schroeder

WHEN: Mondays 10:30am - 12:00pm

WHERE: Wellness Centre, 58 Ballinger Road, BUDERIM

COST: Free

SECURE YOUR SPOT: Bookings are essential. There are only 30 spots available. Contact reception on 5445 5794 to secure your spot. 

Meditation Audios

Below are meditation audios from the program available for download to use in the comfort of your own home. 

Download audio files here.