A LOVE of jewellery and a passion for good presentation has introduced a whole new industry to Bloomhill op shops.

Ria and the team have helped Bloomhill in become widely known for its display of costume jewellery as well as a selection of quality pieces.

And it all started with lovely donations that were cleaned, polished and deserving of a nice box or organza bag. The customers loved what was on offer and how it was offered.

“Strangely enough, it seemed the more we sold the more donations came in,” said Ria.

The jewellery section has become a hive of activity over time, thirteen years in fact.

Back then, the jewellery was often mixed in with bric a brac. But a request for boxes, labels and accessories to best present the jewellery soon attracted buyers from all walks of life.

The display area has also grown. From what was just a few hooks in a cabinet to the request for more hooks to hang chains, jewellery is now a section in its own right. And deservingly so.

“At one stage we moved cups and saucers to add more jewellery, pieces that were in the pricier range,” Ria recalled. “Items were selling fast so we put up signs requesting more donations and in it came. People kindly donated watches, costume jewellery and special items that cleaned up beautifully. The more expensive pieces we put in boxes and ensured they were displayed to show them off to their best advantage.”

One donation of a suitcase full, as well as a milk crate of jewellery came in. It was graciously received and sorted. The donor loved jewellery and wanted it to go to a great cause, which it did. There were 56 silver necklaces plus rings and brooches. The donor loved beautiful things and knew good value. Some of the pieces had come from Bloomhill and this donation to us was a real boost.

It wasn’t long before the display counter at Buderim was all jewellery. Dealers soon heard of what was on offer so it was important valuables were correctly realised and priced accordingly.

Again, it seemed the more we sold and the more people coming in to see the jewellery, that more items were donated.

Early on, the distribution centre would send all the jewellery to Buderim for sorting and pricing and it would then be distributed from there. At that time Bloomhill had about 6 or 7 shops.

Displays were properly set up in the shops and each had an opportunity to benefit from the pieces donated.

Soon, it was decided pricing should be carried out in the one spot to keep similar pricing throughout. Jewellery had now become an important part of the shops. Buyers loved it, as did those who liked to donate what they had once loved.

It was at this stage that the ‘hut’ became a reality. Similar to a site office, it was fitted out for the team to work in comfortably. And it didn’t take long for volunteers to put their hand up.

“Within a month we had seven people working in teams depending on how busy we were,” Ria said. “The jewellery is collected by volunteers and delivered to us. We sort and price the costume jewellery while anything of value such as gold and silver watches etc are cleaned. A retired jeweller makes any necessary repairs. Items are priced to suit the value and condition.”

All donations are appreciated and some are very special.

The jewellery section has grown, with the assistance of care and attention to detail. These volunteers appreciate the joy the pieces have bought to those who have donated. The generosity of others also the benefits Bloomhill.

While people might think of an op shop was a great place to buy costume jewellery, Bloomhill is now becoming known as a place to also buy something very special, no matter the occasion.

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