My role as Acting CEO has now complete. I officially finish today. I am on personal leave for the next two weeks due to having eye operations! This is very exciting for me as I will then be able read without glasses and see long distance.  For anyone who juggles eye glasses, I am sure you will appreciate how good this will be.

I will be checking emails intermittently and will be stepping back into my position as a Member of the Board from next week. If you have any urgent CEO enquiries, please email Louisa, the CEO Pa on [email protected] . Louisa will still be able to communicate any urgent matters to me and I will be working in the background on a couple of projects I have to finish.

I would like to take this opportunity in welcoming Mr Christopher John to his new position as CEO on Monday 14 December 2020. The Board and I are very excited about having Christopher navigate us into 2021 and beyond. Bloomhill is looking towards a very positive future and exciting times ahead.

It has been a long year! No one at the beginning of 2020 would have thought that the world would change so dramatically. I believe it has made us think differently about who we are us humans, put our life into perspective and value our friends and family even more. There have been ups and downs but all of Australia has pulled together and we are now the envy of the world with our tremendous efforts in fighting this horrible virus.

I have been humbled by the strength of Bloomhill and its staff and volunteers. What an amazing organisation and how lucky have I been as a Board Member and an Acting CEO in 2020 to see the organisation grow from both perspectives. Bloomhill is a Sunshine Coast institution and very much part of people who are either suffering from cancer or have family members suffering. Bloomhill is that “comfort” place, a place where you get a smile and a cuddle and where people care. Again, this is because of the wonderful people we have working and volunteering for Bloomhill. Congratulations for your tremendous efforts during the past twelve months. 

I appreciate the help and kindness I have received from everyone. I will always think fondly of the Acting CEO position and the people I have met during that time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart .I truly value all of your support.

You will still see me around as a Board member , especially around our wonderful café – best coffee and cakes anywhere ! Incidentally, I have put on some weight during this position and I hold the wonderful ladies at the café fully responsible for this! This would have never had happened if they weren’t all fantastic cooks!

I hope everyone has a fantastic festive season and wherever you may go, stay safe on the roads  and have a fantastic time with family and friends. You all very much deserve it!


Kind regards


Nicky Jardine

Acting CEO