Warmth and kindness emanate from nurse Kirran Breach, who began her role as Clinical Nurse Lead with Bloomhill Cancer Care in November 2021.

Bloomhill is thrilled to have Kirran join the team three days per week, from Tuesday to Thursday.

Kirran brings a wealth of nursing and palliative care knowledge, drawn from her work at Cittamani Hospice as well as professional and personal experience from England, where she lived until three years ago.

“My aunt had non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and I was in my early twenties when she passed away at home,” Kirran said.

“Looking back, in hindsight, I feel like my experience with my aunt was important. I naturally took care of her and I now know it was a calling for me.

“I was the only one out of our generation who was able to be there for her until she passed away, and I was there holding her hand while she passed away. Looking back, I think it was an innate quality I have, just wanting to care and nurse people through what is a really vulnerable time for them. When I completed a palliative care placement in my final year at uni, it exposed me to this beautiful area of nursing and it has been a privilege to help clients and their loved ones in this specialty.”

Kirran sent her CV to Bloomhill as soon as she arrived on the Coast a year ago, and said she was “so happy” to have been appointed.

“In nursing they teach you about person-centred care, but I could never understand how to do that fully in an acute setting –in a ward for example where you have so many patients,” Kirran said.  

“I think community care like we have at Bloomhill is amazing, it reduces the pressures on acute care (hospitals) but it’s also just a natural setting for person-centred care.”

Kirran, her husband Mark and three children aged 12, 11 and 4 moved from the United Kingdom to Tasmania, where Kirran worked as a community nurse for some time during her two years there. The family moved to the Sunshine Coast 12 months ago.

Now with Bloomhill three days per week, Kirran also remains employed as a casual Registered Nurse at Cittamani Hospice, a local organisation Bloomhill’s care team has long had a relationship with.

“At Bloomhill I get to provide support from diagnosis throughout a person’s cancer journey, which I’ve not done before. That psychosocial support from the beginning –it’s great to be able to begin building that therapeutic relationship with clients from when they first find out they’re unwell.”

Asked what she enjoyed most about her role so far, Kirran said, “having those real connection points, where you’re making that person’s life a little bit better.”

When she first joined Bloomhill, she spent weeks contacting carers.

“I would talk to them about their loved ones, and I’d say, ‘how are you?’ -  and they were just taken aback that the phone call was about them,” she said. “They expected I’d be calling about their loved one.

“I get to touch peoples’ lives, and you can tell you’re making that difference for someone. Even if it’s just booking some appointments for someone’s partner, making that small difference for people is just great.”

Like all of Bloomhill’s staff who are able to, Kirran has been rotating work from home so far this year, which meant that she hasn’t worked as collaboratively as she’d hoped.

“It can be a little disjointed working from home being new; the team have been so supportive though-always at the end of a phone and we’re all going through it,” she said.

“Soon the nursing team hope to resume normal working practices, along with being able to see  more clients face to face, and I’m really looking forward to that.”

Clients can contact Kirran by phoning Reception on 07 5445 5794 and making a booking.

To contact Bloomhill’s nursing team email [email protected]. Find out about the support services we provide those touched by cancer on our website here.

Author: Nicky Moffat. Photo: Patrick Woods Photography. Published: February 2022.