FILE: Media Release, 30 April 2020

As Bloomhill adapts services, clients continue to come first

It’s not business as usual, but clients are still the focus for Bloomhill Cancer Care as they respond to the changing landscape resulting from Covid-19 restrictions.

While clients are in self-isolation and a skeleton staff operates the centre, services that can be provided online are going ahead including yoga, meditation, Qi Gong and art therapy sessions.

Bloomhill Chairperson Michelle McGrath said “Our clients continue to access care and support from our nurses and allied health team, as well as group activities now offered in the virtual space.

“All of these services and classes are helping to keep our clients healthy and connected with fellow clients and friends who know what they are experiencing - while remaining in the safety of their own homes.

“We continue to invite new clients for admission to Bloomhill. As, while the world as we know it may have stopped because of the pandemic, unfortunately the number of new cancer diagnoses and need for support has not. So neither have we.”

As a result of the JobKeeper program staff who had been stood down are returning to work, although their tasks will be different to those before Coranovirus.

What are Bloomhill’s plans for the future?

Thanks to generous donations from the Bloomhill Community towards their Emergency Appeal much work has been done behind the scenes to ensure services continue to be available.

Ms McGrath said, “To date our focus has been one hundred percent on saving our mission-critical services to provide care and support to those who are most vulnerable – people with cancer. But there is so much more we can be doing.

“Moving forward, we are taking things step by step as we continue to respect and respond to the needs of our clients, maintaining safe social distancing measures in place, and observe health directives from both the Federal and State Authorities.

“Our Wellness Centre in Buderim will remain closed to clients for some time yet. As a result, we are transitioning our focus to how we can extend our cancer care through adapting and innovating more of our essential services into a virtual space.

“We are definitely not out of the woods yet. In fact, like many of our clients, our charity and social enterprise business still has many months of fighting to survive ahead.”

You can continue to support the Emergency Appeal and Donate HERE