Running, or even walking, 50 or 100 kilometres along the Sunshine Coast Great Hinterland Walk may not be everyone's idea of fun, but for Sheldon Boland it presented opportunities to set an ambitious goal, enjoy spectacular scenery and also raise awareness of Bloomhill Cancer Care.

The large scale event is both gruelling and challenging, yet for Sheldon, it was a rewarding and enjoyable experience. A huge congratulations from all of us here at Bloomhill for making it through the course in just under 24 hours - how inspiring!

When he's not running through hills and valleys, Sheldon is the Deputy Principal at Bainga State School, located in the Aura Estate on the Sunshine Coast.

This state of the art school was opened and ready for students in 2018 and since then the number of students has doubled, with over 600 now attending from Prep through to Grade 6. 

Sheldon invited Sarah and Nikki from our Advancement Team on an interactive and immersive tour of the school and the three shared their passion for listening, supporting and empowering individuals in overcoming life's challenges. 

We look forward to returning the favour with an invitation for Sheldon to visit the Bloomhill Wellness Centre soon! 

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