The 2019 Bloomhill Race Day was another outstanding success. Nearly 300 guests this year attended, which meant filling the champagne gardens area and the pavilion!  

The weather was perfect and the opportunity to have fun while fundraising for a worthy cause was at the top of everyone’s minds. The new Pavilion Area offered a fresh new space for guest and punters to experience the finish line up close. 

This year’s guest client speaker was Joe Surace, who shared his own personal journey with cancer and his marathon 133 days in Nambour hospital with wife Caroline by his side.  

Joe also spoke of the support provided by Bloomhill and the fantastic project that saw the launch of his stunning photographic book of our clients “Hope and Peace From Within” which are going out the door as fast as we can stock them!  

Our thanks to the fantastic sponsors and supporters without whom we couldn’t stage events on this scale. Thank you to: Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation, All Computer Services, Bob Jane T Marts and Clinic One.  

And to all the amazing Sunshine Coast businesses and individuals who donated sensational items for this year’s live auction and silent auction which were both hotly contested on Sunday. 

We are SO grateful here at Bloomhill for your support of our fundraising events. Monies raised will continue to help us support people of all ages on the Sunshine Coast to live well with cancer. 

Last but not least thank you to our Events Coordinator Melissa Wolpert, Volunteer Coordinator Amanda Hamilton and their army of amazing volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the venue looked amazing and everyone was well looked after.