A true multi-tasker, Sue shares her time with Bloomhill Cancer Care in admin, the jewellery division and also as a buddy.

Each week brings with it a great sense of satisfaction. Whether from arranging transport for clients, the fun of costume and quality pieces of bling, or time with her buddy.

“We don’t talk about her illness, there’s enough of that to fill the rest of the week,” Sue said. “We prefer to chat about other things.”

Training to become a Bloomhill buddy includes hygiene, boundaries, grief and loss as well as the art of conversation.

“I remember arranging our first meeting at a local coffee shop. We didn’t know each other so we decided a red carnation would lead us to each other, and it did. After ordering a coffee the conversation flowed effortlessly – for the next two hours. Our backgrounds don’t have a lot in common yet we’re compatible. In many respects I’ve come to feel part of the family.”

Sue and her buddy catch up most weeks with time spent in a variety of ways.  A good movie is first preference, especially the 10am session, so there’s plenty of time for coffee or lunch and a good chat.

“Our time together makes for a really pleasant day. We’re more friends now but the term buddy perfectly describes a friend. We both have a nice day out and I enjoy helping that happen.”

Tuesday mornings are scheduled as office time with Sue arranging transport and selecting drivers to assist clients to get to their appointments. With such importance placed on appointments and being where the client needs to be in plenty of time, Sue also likes to rotate the drivers to share the load.

The fun day of the week is Thursday which is spent as part of the jewellery team. Drivers pick up and deliver donated items from the 11 op shops to the demountable. It’s there that items are sorted and priced, according to value and sale-ability.

With all that Sue gives to Bloomhill Cancer Care she is mindful of all she receives in return. An opportunity to help, give back to the community, enjoy a laugh, be social and meet like-minded people.

Also in the admin room is Jane, who has been volunteering for about 3 years.

Moving to the Coast from Tasmania, Jane saw a role advertised in the paper for volunteers and applied straight away. It wasn’t long before she found herself in café/admin looking after a variety of sections of Bloomhill.

“Before moving here I did data entry at a salmon factory in Hobart,” Jane said. “Each year we were given an allowance which was very useful, especially at Christmas time.”

Jane’s two days volunteering are busy arranging rosters, invoices and ordering for the café. As well as whatever she can help Di with, along the way.

“Bloomhill is very social with a lovely vibe about the place. That’s the first thing I noticed when I walked in the door. The people are so very friendly, they’re a pleasure to be around.”

When not volunteering Jane’s spends time with her grandchildren and catching up on sport whether AFL, tennis or netball. More of a spectator these days, Jane loves sport and thinks nothing of sitting up til the early hours of the morning to watch a match. Her worthwhile contribution and eagerness to help out is a winning combination, especially to Bloomhill’s benefit.