By Jan Richards

July 8, 2020


Enjoy it on a scone with a dollop of cream, as a condiment with turkey, or your own way – however you indulge in Bloomhill’s rosella jam it is sure to tantalise the taste buds.

Forty kilos of rosellas, fresh from Petersen’s Farm outside Gympie, were generously donated to Bloomhill and a mighty effort was then made to convert them into 180 jars of rosella jam.

In the Centre’s commercial kitchen eight volunteers over several sessions totaling 60 hours de-seeded fruit, simmered the pits for their pectin, then lovingly stirred the pot waiting for the rosellas to soften before adding sugar. Once the jam cooled it was bottled, and now it’s for sale.

Last Tuesday Amanda Hamilton (Community Services Team Leader) was overseeing production with volunteers Vittoria and Csilla in the kitchen. As the pits simmered on the stovetop and a huge pot of rosellas waited, Vittoria and Scilla finely sliced grapefruit peel, fresh off the tree in the Bloomhill garden, for marmalade - another handmade treat from the kitchen.

Scilla, who had made her own batch of rosella jam at home, said the taste was “a little tart, like rhubarb”, and the jam an excellent accompaniment to “a dish with a gamey flavour”.

The boutique branded, limited-edition jam from Bloomhill Community Kitchen contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives is now on sale for $10 per jar from our Bloomhill Community Cafe. All proceeds go directly to supporting clients at the Centre. 

The sale of scones with rosella jam and cream was such a success on Be There For Bloomhill Day our amazing volunteer fundraising team are now also looking to introduce a more regular event on the Community Cafe calendar. There are also plans for online sales in the making...

We'll be sure to bring you more details as it comes to hand!

Before and after pic of this delicious jam!