14 October 2021

One in Seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and men are also affected, though the numbers are less.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year we are hoping to exceed our target of $25,000 to support those living with and beyond breast cancer.

With the funds raised this year from our awareness campaign, we are wanting to offer 100 clients with the opportunity to participate in the Strength After Breast Cancer (ABC) Program. This program was developed specifically to reduce the risk or severity of lymphoedema in people with breast cancer and to improve overall physical function, body image and body composition.

Participants in the program are provided individual and group exercise support and supervision to safely and effectively perform slowly progressive weightlifting exercises. Our exercise physiologist Ryan has completed the training in delivering the program and he will be supported by Debbie our lymphoedema specialist.

Thanks to everyone for helping to get the word out about our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign this year so we can deliver this great program for our clients.

To donate or read about survivor Helen’s experience with breast cancer and Bloomhill, click here.

Please peruse our website for several stories from breast cancer survivors.