Welcome back and thanks for supporting us into 2021.

I have had just over a month as part of Bloomhill and have met many of our volunteers, a number of sponsors and our staff. I’ve received a wonderful welcome from each of you (thank you) and I must say I have a really positive feeling about the future of Bloomhill.

I would like start by acknowledging all the hard work of our staff and volunteers for your ongoing support through 2020 and many of whom have returned to start 2021 with already busy workloads and plans for the upcoming year. Your contribution is truly what makes Bloomhill such a special place in supporting those we work for, our clients. I also wish to thank all our sponsors and donors for their incredible efforts to support Bloomhill through the year of 2020, a tough one for everyone. We are delighted and grateful for your ongoing and additional efforts. Thank you!

Over the past 12 months Bloomhill has seen a number of changes. The Board and I would like to acknowledge your resilience through what has been a tough time for many. The Board and I are now wishing to take the opportunity to reflect on what has been, to celebrate our many successes and to look forward to what Bloomhill will be in 2021 and beyond.

As such, a few weeks ago we sought the assistance of our volunteers and staff to provide feedback by completing an Employee/Volunteer Opinion Survey. We are also conducting phone interviews with about 40 clients, sponsors and key stakeholders who will provide some insights for all of us into how the organisation is going and opportunities for the future. The feedback from these surveys and interviews will help shape and inform the Board and management in making the right decisions for our future.

With our new Chairperson, Michael Wise, the Board is commencing our new strategic planning process and will be seeking several opportunities for people to contribute to our planning and direction. If you are able to contribute, your input and feedback will be considered in the final decision the Board makes in setting our direction over the coming years. If you would like to contribute, please keep an eye out for these opportunities or get in touch with your line manager.

Further to the strategic planning process, I wish to provide you with an update on a few key current projects.

I would like to acknowledge that the wellness centre expansion planning process has been on hold due to COVID-19. Now that we are largely through the challenges of 2020, the Board has now approved a revised robust planning process to be delivered in the coming year alongside the strategic planning process to ensure we deliver on our future infrastructure needs for the organisation. I am committed to ensuring you are kept up to speed on our progress on this over the coming weeks and months.

This month the Distribution Centre is moving out of its Kunda Park site and relocating to 11 Kelly Court, Maroochydore. We made the decision to downsize and not provide a shop outlet allowing our Distribution Centre staff and volunteers to focus solely on accepting donated goods, sorting and distributing items to our op-shops, primarily to better support our shops, save costs and increase efficiencies.

Finally, we are re-applying for re-accreditation through the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, and Clinical Services Manager Trish Wilson has spent many days compiling the paperwork to demonstrate our compliance. This is an important process to ensure we are providing a quality service for our clients, but secondly it also ensures confidence in our relationship with referring partners such as the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Sunshine Coast University.

I look forward to continuing to keep you up to date with the key activities we have planned for the year.

Until next time,

Christopher John.