Written by Bloomhill volunteer Sue Custance

Stacey has lived in Tewantin most of her life and now finds herself the manager at Bloomhill Cancer Care Cooroy.

In the role since the end of April, Stacey has a great work ethic, is a wonderful multi-tasker and also has a fun-loving attitude.

Stacey attended Noosa High at Tewantin as did most of the local teenagers at the time. Each locality bought with them a label to do with where they came from. While Stacey can’t recall what Tewantin teenagers were called, she does remember the tag of those from Cooroy. Bean pickers! This was because Cooroy was considered quite country.

Since then she has lived in England for five years and the Gold Coast for six. Life for this energetic woman has come full circle. Now a mother herself, she is happy to be back on the Sunshine Coast among family and friends.

“I came across this job after seeing it advertised in the Tewantin Bloomhill op shop. I was working at Bendigo Bank at the time and looking for a change after four years in banking. The sign said it all. They were looking for staff and I was looking for a change.”

Stacey’s experience is varied. “Pubs and banks are part of my employment history. There hasn’t been much retail or fashion but that’s fine with me. I’m a worker and believe once you commit you carry through. That’s the type of person I am.”

During her time in England Stacey found herself working at Harrods selling Christmas decorations and also informal tableware such as Royal Dolton and the likes. If that was the informal china I can’t imagine how posh the formal crockery was.

The location of Bloomhill Cooroy is perfectly positioned for the delivery of donations. Being convenient to a carpark, people can easily drive in, empty the boot and they’re soon on their way. With an ever-growing stock level, processing is near impossible when there is just the one person on staff.

And so, the call is being made loud and clear. Volunteers are very welcome at Bloomhill Cooroy and every opportunity will be made to ensure an easy transition.

“Even when I came in as manager we were short staffed. Tina is our new retail assistant and that’s the total of our manpower. I work Monday to Thursday and Tina comes in Friday and Saturday. After that, we rely on volunteers.

“Again I put it out there that we are looking for people to come and join us. Especially on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings as we just don’t have anyone.”

Of all the days, Monday is the least desperate but Stacey will open the door to all helpers in whatever capacity, day and hours possible.

“We’d also appreciate volunteers who can come in at short notice. There’s no hierarchy here, we are a flexible work environment. It’s a fun place to be and that’s how I see it continuing. Our shop has a great atmosphere. Dress up if you want and like me, have a bit of a dance around the shop. I have been known to walk around in a onesie. It’s all just a bit of fun and helps get stock moving. We like to amuse ourselves and the customers. At the same time we are helping to promote and sell the stock. Currently we have some beautiful brand new cocktail dresses in stock. They were very expensive and still have the tags attached. If I could fit into them I would love to be showing them off.

Stacey wants Bloomhill Cooroy to be a place where people feel part of a team. She is happy for volunteers to put in a few hours as part of a split shift and there’s always the option to come in late or leave early if need be. While every day will be different it will bring with it a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.

A recruitment day is scheduled and every endeavour will be made to simplify paperwork and make the interview as easy as possible.

Stacey envisages the future for the shop as a bit of a destination where you will find a safe happy environment. A place of no stress where people want to come to look, without an obligation to purchase while quite simply having a fun time.

Contact Stacey to volunteer today!