Monday 31st May

Propped against the wall in Georgie Bird’s office in Bloomhill’s Advancement Department is a surfboard - a very pretty surfboard featuring the Bloomhill logo and colours.

It’s so pretty Georgie would like to keep it. Even Johnny Demos, of J Demos Painters, who was behind the move to make the special surfboard, says it’s such a good looking board he’d like to keep it.

But neither will get that opportunity as Bloomhill decides just how they will use the board in their fundraising and marketing activities. The perfect fit was discovered when Raelene Boyle chose to celebrate her milestone 70th birthday with a fundraiser to give back to Bloomhill.

As Georgie bids farewell to the board from her office, Johnny and Matt Williams from The Factory Surfboards are happy their donation will go towards Bloomhill’s services to those living with cancer and their families.

So how did the surf mates decide to donate a surfboard to Bloomhill?

Johnny said, “Every now and then I give to cancer care. My wife died of cancer”. At the time they lived in Kallangur, but he feels a connection with Bloomhill and sees his donations as “me being able to do something for her as well”.

He says his wife’s illness “dropped me to my knees”, “I’m always thinking of her and still miss her”.

Johnny’s girlfriend Tracey has a sister who has had Cancer twice and she explained to him the services Bloomhill provides “So I thought I’d like to give something to Bloomhill.”

For Matt, who lost his father to cancer seven years ago, it is “a subject close to my heart”. “When Johnny dropped into the factory and asked if I would be keen to give a board to Bloomhill I was happy to. Surfboards are the best donation, they bring so much happiness. Even the thought of the ocean puts a smile on people’s faces.”

Both Matt and Johnny have fundraised before for the Malibu club and said the surfboards have always been good fundraisers.  “They get people’s attention,” Johnny said. “Even I looked at it when it was finished and wanted it! It’s a one-of-a-kind with the Bloomhill logo and colours. There won’t be another one.”

The board is six feet long and Johnny says “could be used as a wall hanger because it’s so pretty”.

It can also be surfed, it’s a single-fin board - a traditional 70s model with a glassed-in fin suitable for a man or woman.

Matt says, “The design is actually one of my personal boards that goes really well.”

This stunning board will be auction off this Friday at Mercedes Benz Sunshine Coast as part of Raelene Boyle's 70th Birthday fundraiser.