An exercise physiologist (EP) is a highly valued member of any oncology team and here at Bloomhill Cancer Care, we are grateful to have Ryan Day on board!

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia recently released a position statement advocating for exercise to be part of standard practice in cancer care to help improve the side effects of cancer and its treatments. Our Bloomhill accredited EP Ryan Day has specialist training to assist clients with understanding the importance of exercise for their particular situation and needs and prescribing the appropriate exercise to address those needs.  Current research is demonstrating that exercise during and post treatment can improve some of the side-effects of cancer treatment and in some cases reduce the risk of recurrence of certain cancers and improve survival.  

Before prescribing an individualised exercise program the Exercise Physiologist will take into careful consideration each person's individual situation, cancer type and treatments, any side-effects they may be experiencing, and any other relevant medical conditions. A regular exercise program can assist clients to manage fatigue, rebuild strength and endurance, improve bone density, increase mobility after surgery, improve quality of life, improve mental health, assist with weight management, and improve balance.

Bloomhill offers a range of small gym classes with individualised programs, individual sessions as well as Pilates and Yoga classes each week. To make sure that our clients can safely exercise at Bloomhill, we encourage them to have at least an initial session with our exercise physiologist who can then develop the best exercise program for their needs.