Monday 24th May 2021

Ryan Day, Bloomhill’s exercise physiologist, encourages clients to “take charge of their health and well-being” as Exercise Right Week kicks off today. The theme of this year’s Exercise Right Week is “Exercise Changes Lives”.

With more and more scientific research pointing to the positive effects of physical activity before, during and after cancer treatment Ryan is on hand to help clients with individualised programs.

He says, “Each program is designed to meet the client’s specific needs from initial diagnosis, through treatment and then with rebuilding – always with a flexible approach.

“Exercise during cancer treatment can help alleviate treatment side effects and enable clients to finish cancer treatment. Plus they are then better set up for the rehabilitation later.”

As with any treatment at Bloomhill, Ryan assesses each client before beginning an exercise program. “It is particularly important with cancer that people exercise safely. The assessment looks at strength, mobility and balance.”

He then prescribes a specifically tailored program.

In the Bloomhill gym Ryan runs group and one-on-one gym sessions and Pilates sessions.

“The Pilates sessions are mat-based. They start with gentle warm-up stretching and mobilising of the major joints, followed by whole-body strengthening exercises. We focus on slow controlled movements, correct posture and technique and low repetitions. The sessions include, core strengthening and mobility stretches for the back and lower body as well as balance exercises.”

Gym sessions are based on an individual assessment and include a well-rounded program that targets all areas and clients can use the gym at any time – booking through reception.

In the group sessions (currently limited to three people due to Covid health regulations) each client runs through their own program with assistance from Ryan.

“They utilise cardio machines – treadmill, cycling and rowing, whole body strengthening with dumb bells and resistance bands, core strengthening, balance and flexibility.”

As an expert exercise physiologist specialising in chronic disease management through exercise Ryan says he finds Bloomhill clients are “empowered and motivated”. “People access Bloomhill because they are looking for extra support and they are generally very proactive to do what is suggested. They take control back.”

Ryan is able to adapt programs to suit all fitness levels and use exercise as a tool to help clients achieve their goals. “For example we devise exercises the client knows will help them get back to a hobby, or to daily activities. It’s also about providing alternatives and being flexible. There are always plenty of options and regressions for exercises that work the same area but are more suitable to that individual.”

With Exercise Right Week from May 24-30 Ryan says, “A large percentage of people are still not achieving the recommended weekly guidelines of 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity or 75-150 minutes of vigorous activity - like walking, swimming and biking. Plus muscle strengthening exercises at least twice a week.

“Exercise is beneficial for maintaining quality of life both physical and mental. It is a lifestyle factor we can control that can have profound health benefits.”

Ryan runs gym sessions Monday to Thursday at 8am, 9am and 10am and Pilates sessions on Monday and Wednesday at 1pm – these are also on Zoom.

To enquire about Ryan’s sessions contact Bloomhill reception on 54455794.