12 February 2021

On Tuesday, we celebrated the 12-year contribution of our treasured Volunteer Services Admin Officer, Val Dreghorn.

Wow, did we get a turnout, at the farewell afternoon tea! It was a reunion of sorts!

Val is a deeply caring person who is liked by everyone: clients, volunteers, nurses and therapists.

A very level headed and competent administrator, one of the unique things about Val is her optimism and the positivity she brings to everything she does.

Her twinkling, smiling eyes and genuine caring nature have imprinted themselves on the wellness centre where she has spent most of her working days with Bloomhill.

She also supported and uplifted fellow volunteers. She listened to peoples’ problems, and shared her own. She is always there for others.

“I cannot imagine how it will be here without Val. I really can’t,” Community Services Manager Alex Bert said.

“There are a lot of great memories. And a lot of great moments and challenging moments.

“Were so much more than coworkers, we are friends and the friendship has been special.

“This is the last time in her role we’ll see her but we’ll never let her go. She is part of the family.”

Val said she recalled when Alex originally offered her the role.

“I remember when Alex came into Myer’s, and I knew she was coming for me,” Val said, causing laughter all around. “They’d finally freed up that position.”

“We have had an incredible 12 years, you and I,” Val said to Alex.

“We’ve been a great team and I respect you for your work but I also respect you for taking me in. I was naive, and I needed a lot of help along the way particularly with IT support.

“I feel I’ve achieved a lot. But it’s time to say goodbye. I just feel I need to start thinking of myself.

“I want to thank all of the volunteers.

“I just, in all ways am in awe of them and what they do. I could go through the whole list but you know who you are. I also want to thank all of our drivers, because I think they do an amazing job with the clients. We hear that from the clients all the time, how much they appreciate our drivers. They’re one-on-one with the clients, and they just become so involved with them, and passionate, and loyal. And they’re just there for them.

“They can be at Brisbane all day, and it’s just overwhelming what they do.

“Thank you Bloomhill, it is such a wonderful organisation and I feel very privileged to be part of it for all those years.”

The spread put on for Val’s farewell afternoon tea was of course impressive. there were delicious scones from Ruth, and Faye’s scrumptious Thai appetisers chicken skewers with that scrumptious sauce, and a celebratory chocolate cake. Thank you, our wonderful chefs, for adding that extra special flavour to the wonderful farewell.

Val, you will always be welcome at Bloomhill. Enjoy your beautiful grandchildren and great fishing . We wish you all happiness in your retirement and please know that we are here if you ever need a friend.

By Nicky Moffat

Story Image: Val Dreghorn + Emily  Shea Lee