14 December 2021 

A fine artist and a silversmith are among a handful of local makers whose works are part of Montville’s newest shopfront, Montville Marketplace. Located next to Poet’s Café on Montville’s beautiful main street, the ‘concept store’ blitzed its first weekend after opening on Saturday November 27.  

A new social enterprise for Bloomhill Cancer Care, Montville Marketplace is open seven days and seeks to increase funds to support the growing need of those touched by cancer across the Sunshine Coast.  

“We’re thrilled, it’s been a huge few weeks since we found this gem of a site and decided to open the shop in time for the Christmas rush,” Bloomhill Cancer Care Chief Executive Officer Christopher John said.  

“We have many ideal gifts and upcycled items here and people are snapping them up, every dollar helping support those touched by cancer. Montville Marketplace made more than twice the average daily takings in our op shops on its first full day of trade, which is amazing considering we’re still signing up suppliers.”  

The new shop is a curated space for local artisan’s wares, with Bloomhill staff and volunteers selling goods on behalf of local makers under commission agreements. The store is seeking more suppliers to join while Christmas gifting is at the forefront of the community’s mind.   

Bloomhill Retail Network Lead Russell Lindsay said he was “really trepidatious” about the opening of this social enterprise, but needn’t have been.  

“Almost immediately when we opened we had people say, ‘I want to be part of it’ – as volunteers, and as suppliers - which is great because we have room for more. Please everyone spread the word!” 

Member for Glass House Andrew Powell said:  

“Montville is a unique community and attracts shoppers from across Australia. This is a wonderful opportunity both to showcase local talent and to contribute to Bloomhill’s wonderful work at the perfect time – right when people are buying up big and looking for ‘Made in Australia’ products.” 

Mudjimba artist Carlie’s story 

From her home studio at Mudjimba, Carlie Johnston infuses her resin boards, bowls and plates with a love of nature and art.  

“Since I was young, I have always explored art in some form or another. Textiles were a favourite of mine for many years and I have made several large mosaic artworks and explored acrylic painting, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I discovered resin.  

“I immediately fell in love with this fluid medium and the way the colours blend and can be manipulated with heat. The vibrancy and depth of each artwork is what keeps me wanting to create my next piece. I am particularly drawn to creating pieces to represent my love of the ocean and beach where I live. My inspiration comes from aerial photographs of the sea and my multi-layered resin pieces really do seem as though you are looking through the waves.” 

Montville Marketplace – open 7 days 

Find Montville Marketplace at 169 Main St, Montville. @montvillemarketplace #montvillemarketplace 

Open 7 days: 9am - 4:30pm 

To inquire about becoming a supplier contact [email protected] 

To enquire about volunteering please visit www.bloomhill.com.au.

Mudjimba-based artist Carlie Johnston with Bloomhill CEO Christopher John (left) and Marketing Lead Georgie Bird (right) at Montville Marketplace.

Located at 169 Main St, Montville Marketplace is open 7 days, 9am-4.30pm.

New shop raising funds for Bloomhill Cancer Care, Montville Marketplace, opens. Photo by Georgie Bird 

Montville Marketplace retail assistant Dianne Daly. Photo by Zoe Stanton