Written by Sue Custance.

ANN and John Crosby feel so very fortunate they are in a position to help others. From a yearning to make a difference in the lives of others, the Crosby Foundation was created.

For this thankful couple, it is a great privilege to assist others. It’s a blessing they are grateful to offer and, one they discreetly speak of.

Enjoying multi-media art herself, Ann favours water-based paints and inks. The ability to help others enjoy the creative experience along with the therapeutic benefits of Art Therapy makes for a perfect match.

“The Crosby Foundation is a family interest,” Ann explained. “We know we’ve been very lucky over the years, as has our family. We’ve been blessed in so many ways and it’s been a privilege to connect with the people we have met through the foundation.” 

Ann and John planned to make bequests in their wills but it was their daughters who suggested they provide the gift of giving now and see the good this money could be put to.

“We are so pleased for the foundation,” Ann said. “It is quite a lot of work, more than we expected but the pleasure it brings makes it all worthwhile. Three trustees are on hand to ensure monies are dispersed correctly.”

You won’t find anything about The Crosby Foundation on Google. This is a family interest run professionally and modestly. Ann and John speak to people privately and for the past three years they have offered funds where and when they can. Grant applications first go directly to their financial advisor for consideration.

“When we moved from Tamworth to the Coast 14 months ago we set about looking at local charities we’d like to support and Bloomhill Cancer Care was one of them,” added John. “We made contact and our relationship has developed from there.”

Bloomhill was recently named as a recipient of a grant through the Crosby Foundation. These funds will enable Art Therapy to again benefit clients using art as a powerful outlet.

The classes conducted by Clair Pinks encourage inner growth through discovery and acceptance. Exploring the impact of the illness in a safe place is critical and Art Therapy gives that space. The funds will pay for an Art Therapist for a couple of hours, once a week, for the period of 46 weeks, as well as the purchase of some art materials.

In taking a holistic approach Bloomhill Art Therapy uses mediums such as paints, clay, collage and drawing as well as photography and tablet technology. The classes encourage inner growth through discovery and acceptance.

Through art, participants might share good and challenging times, laughs and tears, friendship and inner peace as well as trust.

A picture might tell a thousand words yet Art Therapy brings solace.

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