A huge load of fun and fundraising has happened yet again in 2019 thanks to the intrepid band of women known as Girl Torque. 

GIRL TORQUE is a dynamic group of ladies who have a common interest in motorcycling and enjoying each others company.

This fun and fabulous group was formed 19 years ago by women wanting other women to ride with rather than just men. At the time, the men were riding too fast when the women were just new riders and they found it too daunting to keep up.

The group has always been (and still is) very dynamic and diverse, comprised of all ages, backgrounds and professions.

The main thing that they all have in common is that they love their machines, ranging from adventure bikes, sports bikes, cruisers, 3-wheels, well… “you name it”. Despite the diversity of the group’s members, the camaraderie between them all is warm, tight and welcoming.

Girl Torque leader Judy Carroll says "When we get together we are encouraging of each other, no egos, no hassles and no worries about what you wear or what you ride".

As well as riding on a regular basis, each year the girls put together an incredible event which is a major fundraiser for Bloomhill Cancer Care.

"Every October we include in our fun, a serious element of revving throttles for Cancer awareness, with our annual charity ride BRAS ‘N BIKES," Judy says.

"Bloomhill Cancer Care Centre in Buderim is the recipient of all proceeds. Our 18th charity ride in 2019 saw just under 500 riders plus LOTS of pillions raise $20,829!" It has been a land-mark year for the charity ride as it cracked a long sought after 20K fundraising target.

Bras 'n Bikes arose when one of the original group members became a client of Bloomhill's services - and so the ladies thought it would be a great idea to align the only "Women's riding group" on the coast with shining a light on breast cancer awareness.

Given that the original impetus was breast cancer, October was chosen as the event month and the theme was pink.

"How better than for a women's group to bring attention publicly than to use pink bras," Judy explains

"Going back 18 years ago it was considered very risque for the girls to wear a pink bra on the outside of their shirts, but these days both girls and guys embrace this idea and dressing up has become such a huge and fun-filled aspect of the day.

"This gradually escalated to decorating the bikes as well - and now we find it very hard indeed to pick a winning bike for 'best dressed' as everyone goes to such great lengths to 'pink up' their ride!" 

Judy continued by saying that 18 years is a long time to keep an event going with a group of volunteering women, but wanted to give a special shoutout to Bloomhill's Fundraising and Events Coordinator Melissa Wolpert.

"Melissa's assistance, never saying no, never faltering and shouldering way more than we ever expected as made our job so much easier!"

A huge thank goes out to Girl Torque and the motor cycle community for supporting this fantastic fundraiser each year. This year saw well over 500 bikes attend the ride with registrations from as far south as NSW and north past Gympie. 

We are so very grateful for the passion and commitment Girl Torque have shown towards supporting families who are impacted by cancer. This year's fundraising will see 20 families in 2020 supported by their generous donation.

Photos from the 2019 Bras 'n Bikes Charity Ride can be viewed at: 



Bras 'n Bikes will be held on Sunday 18th October 2020.

Make sure you put that in your calendars and diaries ASAP. 

Keen to ride with Girl Torque?

You are invited to attend one or two rides with the group to get a feel before signing up. There is an annual fee of $20 to become a member which covers a membership pin, monthly newsletter birthday card and gifts at various events through the year.

To join please see the contact details below for your Registration and Indemnity Form. (Bank details appear on rego form, please use your name on the deposit details)

Once you have filled in and returned the forms and payment has been received you will be added to the Girl Torque Facebook group and emailed the latest newsletter with general information and the ride / social calendar.


For further information please contact:
Judy Carroll 0407 760 729 or email [email protected]