A golf club with a huge heart has raised more than $10,000 for Bloomhill Cancer Care, with more than 100 golfers part of a charity golf day in Beerwah at the weekend.

On October 31 and 1 November, the final weekend of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020, Beerwah and District Memorial Golf Club held its Be There For Bloomhill Charity Golf Weekend.

Secretary Tracy Odgers said most people in the club had either lived experience of cancer or knew someone who did.  

“I wouldn’t know one member of our club that has not been touched by cancer in some way,” Ms Odgers said. 

“At present I have my mother-in-law battling secondary breast cancer that has spread to her liver and spine, and another staff member has an aunty who is likely to lose her battle with oesophageal cancer in the coming weeks. Sadly she is in New South Wales and he has unable to visit her because of the border restrictions. We are all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways.”

Ms Odgers said she loved that Bloomhill was a local charity actively helping the local community.

“When we became aware of the challenges that COVID-19 has placed on Bloomhill’s usual fundraising opportunities, our team got together to discuss ways that we can help them out,” she said.

“Their work is so valuable as it has a direct impact on the lives of Sunshine Coast cancer patients and their families,” she said.

Organisers set a humorous theme for the day, casting a game most members take “very seriously” as a playful, dress-up opportunity.

“Golf is a pretty serious game for our regular golfers, this day gave them the opportunity to participate in a more relaxed atmosphere,” Ms Odgers said.

“We had some great, colourful outfits and golf buggies.  We had a few quirky activities and of course many laughs along the way.”

Bloomhill Cancer Care Clinical Services Manager Trish Wilson said her gratitude on behalf of nursing and allied health staff was tremendous.

“The funds will go a long way here – it costs an average $600 to provide care for one client for a whole year,” she said.

“We provide nurse-led support and allied health care for people living with a cancer diagnosis, and their families. It’s critical support, and clients often tell us that connecting with Bloomhill is life-changing.

“Thanks to modern medicine, a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence. Approximately 70 per cent of people diagnosed with cancer on the Sunshine Coast survive five years post-diagnosis.

“We are truly humbled by the strength and tenacity of every person we help, and honoured to continue providing assistance and information as they help navigate the challenges that cancer brings.

“I’m amazed at the generosity of Beerwah Golf Club’s members, and grateful beyond words. Thank you, wonderful people. We will keep doing what we do thanks to people like you.”   

Ms Odgers said the process of organising the event had been rewarding, and urged other organisations and individuals to do something to help Bloomhill continue its essential work for people with cancer on the Sunshine Coast.

“I would encourage any organisation that has the capacity to host a fundraising activity to get on board, as business leaders we have a responsibility to give back to the communities that support us, and you never know, there is that saying that ‘givers gain’ - so good things may just come your way,” Ms Odgers said.

By Nicky Moffat

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