A stunning milestone has been clocked up by one of Bloomhill Cancer Care’s loyal volunteers, David Hardie.

Over the past five years he has been listing and selling items on Gumtree for the Bloomhill distribution centre and 12 op shops.

In November those sales achieved the $50,000 mark!

Over this time David has taken it upon himself to list in excess of 550 advertisements.

308 items were sold, 200 or so were withdrawn either because the item did not sell, or was sold through the shops independent of any Gumtree inquiries. Another 40 advertisements are current now.

Although David says he didn’t start recording the number of “hits” on the ads until well after he started the project, he’s clocked up more than 22,660, which equates to around 40 people looking at every advertisement posted.    In addition, as each ad is loaded into Gumtree, David includes the words “Bloomhill Cancer Care” as part of the ad title and also posts a photo of the DC or the Store that is selling the item.   

This then means further great publicity for Bloomhill, even if the item does not sell.

It’s a huge CONGRATULATIONS and vote of thanks to David, all our amazing Op Shop Managers and our Distribution Centre Manager Russell who have all embraced the project and worked with David to create the listings.

Next time you are looking for a pre-loved and up-cycled item, head to a Bloomhill Op Shop, OR, just jump online and take a look on Gumtree!


David Hardie, Gumtree aficionado (at right), with Bloomhill's Distribution Centre Manager, Russell Lindsay.