3rd February 2022

Disposing of the contents of a loved one’s residence after they pass can be a difficult process, but Glenn Batey, Bloomhill’s Distribution Centre Coordinator, can make that job easier. 

Recently Denis and Denise Sullivan lost Denise’s mother Dorothy, and after giving away some of her belongings to fit out a unit for a friend’s granddaughter, and trying online with little luck, they were told about Bloomhill’s clearance service. 

“When we relocated from Sydney five years ago,” Denis said, “we found the charity shops there weren’t that interested in our goods. We gave away a lot and a lot went to the tip.” 

“When we settled Mum and ourselves here we bought new furniture, so when we came to the job of disposing of Mum’s it was in pretty good nick. 

“We were in the Community Centre where Mum lived in Little Mountain Southern Cross Care asking if anyone needed anything, and didn’t get a good result, then someone recommended Bloomhill.   

Denis called Glenn who visited the premises and explained the service, and now Denis and Denise are donating the remaining contents of Dot’s villa 

Denis is happy with the service. “We arranged with Glenn to pick up and sell what they can. He will end up with furniture he can sell, and we end up with an empty house.” 

Denis and Denise are also making a $200 donation to Bloomhill. 

Glenn explains how Bloomhill can help. “We provide a clearance service. It works for us and for the people who have a house or unit full of goods they need to dispose of,” Glenn said. 

“We do an initial inspection to find out what goods are suitable for resale. There are some goods we can’t send to the Op Shops –chipboard wall units and beds are an example. We load everything onto the truck goes to Bloomhill’s  Distribution Centre where goods are checked, or if they are in good condition are delivered directly to the Op Shops. 

“It saves the homeowner having to deal with various contractors, and we get goods we can offer for sale. 

“Should the time taken and the efforts expended by our team be worth more than the money we would make from sales, we ask the donors to make a financial donation to cover our costs for handling and transporting. This is an agreed additional cost prior to collecting the items. Cost will vary depending on quantity and access.” 

Glenn says the service is popular in retirement villages and he wants the general public to know it’s available.   

To talk to Glenn about a full clearance donation, or any donation of large goods please contact the Distribution Centre on 07 5445 6858.

For further information on our Op Shops and Distribution Centre, please click here.