We are making some improvements to Bloomhill’s exercise physiology services to provide more clients with personalised support.

From February 28, the group exercise classes at 10am (Monday-Friday) will be reassigned to make way for more 1:1 sessions with clients. The Monday 1pm Pilates class will also be replaced with more 1:1 sessions.

Exercise group classes at 8am and 9am, Monday to Thursday, will continue. The Pilates group class at 1pm Wednesday will also continue.

“I’m really excited to be able to offer an extra five 1:1 sessions with clients every week, to provide personalised care,” Exercise Physiologist Ryan Day said.

“Overwhelmingly the feedback I get from clients is that these sessions are extremely valuable and productive, and we see it in the results and benefits to clients.

“Exercise is a crucial part of cancer treatment and we’re really passionate about helping you use movement and muscle conditioning to gain more mobility, strength, and ultimately, confidence.

“Cancer and its treatments take a tremendous toll on the body with prolonged side effects including fatigue, loss of muscle tone and strength, decreased mobility, decreased balance, as well as weight gain or weight loss. Research has demonstrated the profound positive effect exercise has in combating these disease and treatment related side effects, and enabling you to restore physical function and wellness.

“Each person’s needs are enti
rely different, but I can help you work out an individualised exercise program that is safe and tailored to your specific needs and goals.”

Ryan will have five extra 45-minute 1:1 sessions available for clients every week: four at 10am Monday to Thursday and one at 1pm on Mondays.

Bloomhill is proud to offer our therapies at subsidised rates.

Please book in! To reserve a 1:1 session with Ryan please call reception on 07 5445 5794.

While we identify co-payment amounts that help us to provide these services, no client will be refused access to services due to financial distress.

Please talk to your nurse should you require support to access a service that you feel would benefit your recovery.

Author: Nicky Moffat. Photo: Bloomhill Exercise Physiologist Ryan Day with client, photo by Joe Surace. Published: 17 February, 2022.