Written by Bloomhill volunteer Sue Custance

A holiday destination and a love of the surf and sand first attracted Jane to Noosa and Tewantin. The friendly lifestyle and lunch with a neighbour has opened Jane’s eye to Bloomhill.

“Having lived all my life in Brisbane I hadn’t heard about Bloomhill and all the good work they do,” Jane said.
As a recent volunteer of Bloomhill Tewantin, Jane is similar to others in that she likes meeting people.

“Working at the counter brings me into direct contact with a wide range of locals and also many visitors to the area. I like to look through the shop myself and yet I’m often surprised with what is bRought to the counter for payment. With so much coming into the shop I don’t always get the chance to see everything.

“Actually it’s a bit dangerous for me as I often find something to buy myself. Perhaps a book, video or a piece of jewellery. Our manager is great to work with, as are the other volunteers.”

Jane is busy with a variety of other activities but found herself involved with Bloomhill Tewantin after a conversation with her neighbour.

“One day when we were having lunch I was asked if I knew of anyone with time to spare. I couldn’t think of anyone who did have extra time and felt that it was worth a go myself. I’m now on call and fill in when someone is away. Although I’ve never worked in an op shop before I find it very enjoyable.”

The Tewantin op shop attracts a wide range of donations with objects of interest often popping up.
Many tourists find their way through the door. Just recently a family came in looking for warm clothing after they’d forgotten to pack any and were on the way to the Darling Downs camping. Fortunately a trench coat on the racks was just the thing and she bought it.

Few men come in. Occasionally they are preparing for a job interview and need a jacket or a tie and find just the item at a reasonable cost at Bloomhill.