Welcome to Bloomhill News – the very first edition of our external newsletter to Stakeholders and the general public. 

This is a momentous occasion for us. After countless hours of dedicated blood, sweat and tears from our fantastic team here at Bloomhill, not only am I proud to welcome you to our first ever external e-newsletter, I am also proud to announce the launch of our brand new Bloomhill website! Together, these fantastic initiatives offer a platform to provide valuable information to our community on just what we do here at Bloomhill and how people facing a cancer diagnosis can access our care and support. But most importantly perhaps, I am truly pleased to be able to share with you some amazing stories of impact. That is, just how generous donations received from individuals, community groups, local businesses and community leaders are directly improving people’s lives across the greater Sunshine Coast.

So please, indulge me a moment to share some of the fantastic things we have in store for you to read about. 

Jump into June! From June 2, International Survivor’s Day, Bloomhill we be hijacking the airwaves and streets of the greater Sunshine Coast. Our objective is to increase awareness of cancer prevalence on the Sunshine Coast, just how Bloomhill supports and cares for people living with cancer, and the invaluable service we collectively play as a community in helping people of all ages and all cancer types (including their children, families and carers) to live well with cancer.  Throughout June we are urging everyone to join in on one or more of the fantastic events we are hosting – whether it be a visit to our markets, attending our public photographic exhibition or coming along to our very popular Jazz and Shiraz afternoon – there is something there for everyone!

All of these events are leading up to one momentous occasion – our first ever Be There for Bloomhill Giving Day on June 21! This is the most ambitions fundraising campaign we have ever run and we have certainly set the target high. So we are appealing to the Sunshine Coast community and our networks across Australia to get behind Bloomhill, so that we can be there for you and your loved ones when you need us most. Our target is a monstrous $176,800! This is the approximate cost absorbed by Bloomhill each year to subsidise all our allied health and wellness classes so that money is not a barrier to people accessing the treatment, care and support they need to live well with cancer. So please, as we head into a new financial year with a fresh wave of new clients, I implore you as you read or hear about Bloomhill this month to dig deep and donate, or fundraise for us, on or in the lead up to, June 21. All donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

Some other big news you will have seen in the media these past months is the unprecedented support we have received from Hand Heart Pocket Community Fund – the Charity of the Queensland Freemasons.  The Board of Benevolence and of Aged Masons Widows and Orphan’s Fund, as the trustee of The Hand Heart Pocket Community Funds, will gift $570,000 for the purpose of contributing to the cost of Bloomhill’s Wellness-Survivor Centre expansion and upgrade project.  The Board of Benevolence will also provide an interest-free loan of $130,000 which will go towards constructing an onsite storage shed at the Bloomhill Wellness Centre in Buderim.

We sincerely thank Hand Heart Pocket, and all the members of the Freemason Lodges on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland for recognising our need to upgrade our facilities to be able to meet future demands and provide better services to our clients – we do this with our own hands on our hearts!

Other news our readers will be keen to hear about is that we have finally received the contract for our Federal funding grant support. The recent Federal election made us all a little nervous as we entered into caretaker mode without a signed contract. However, I am very pleased to now be in possession of a signed contract for this pledge made back in February. I must thank each and every one of you who signed the Save Bloomhill campaign lead by Ted O-Brien MP member for Fairfax – as without you this funding would not have been realised. Importantly, this money has been earmarked to support our nurses directly. So that should Bloomhill ever face fiscal challenges in the future we can be sure our nurse-led model of care can continue uninterrupted.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge and thank our amazing volunteer family. Simply put, without them, Bloomhill would not be able to do what we do. I was incredibly humbled to again this year present 38 continued service certificates and 3 retirement awards as our staff waited on our beautiful and passionate volunteers for a much-deserved morning off. Our 450+ volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation fuelled by purpose, passion and pride to be the ‘village’ needed to support our community. Together we all play an essential role in breaking down barriers to accessing essential treatments and support, improving treatment compliance and ultimately improve cancer health outcomes for the Sunshine Coast community.

Enough from me! Please enjoy the articles in our first e-news edition giving you a full picture of the many events and activities that revolved around Bloomhill.  I also announce a standing invitation to everyone reading this – please do feel free to visit any of our Op Shops – to donate or purchase high quality pre-loved articles you can’t go without; or our Café on the Deck at the Wellness-Survivor Centre at 58 Ballinger Road, Buderim.  You will be energised by having a firsthand look at the services we provide.  We have the best baristas making the best coffee on the Coast…. and those homemade slices and meals …. mmmm.

Your sincerly,

Chris Franck

Chief Executive Officer