Well the year is off to a cracking start with staff, volunteers and supporters alike, rolling up their sleeves to help Bloomhill continue to realise our mission to support people of all ages to live well with cancer. Well done all! 

On February 11 we welcomed 25 of Bloomhill’s finest to the first of four induction sessions to be delivered in 2020. This year we are extending this initiative to staff, contractors and volunteers alike to connect with our mission as a community-health not-for-profit and our for-purpose social enterprise. A key focus of our induction is the strong community-centric ethos of our business and the values we hold of utmost importance in all that we do at Bloomhill.

The induction provided an overview of the many business arms and teams that make up Bloomhill Cancer Care. In the past 22 years we have grown and evolved from humble beginnings. Today we not only recognise our essential community service to support the health and wellbeing of our clients, but we also recognise the expanded impact of our business on volunteers, supporters and beautiful environment we call home. We continue to look to, and plan for, the future - to ensure we are there for our community when we are needed most. 

Continuing the 'team’ theme, we are delighted to introduce three fabulous team members in this e-news edition, each bringing new skills and enthusiasm to enhance the services offered at our Centre. Please join me in welcoming Dan Bradford RN into our Clinical Services team, Georgie Bird into our Advancement Team and celebrate the real-life impact Ruth Wise has experienced in her seven years of volunteering with us. We value each and every one of our Bloomhill family and the relationships they bring to our cause.

Moving on to health-related matters. On Saturday March 21, Bloomhill will be hosting the Men’s Health Matters Workshop – an initiative of the Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of Freemasons Queensland and the Sunshine Coast Freemasons. Bloomhill is proud to be co-delivering this informative and practical workshop on site at our Bloomhill Centre along with another amazing community-health not-for-profit CheckUp.  

Working in collaboration with Sunshine Coast Freemasons and CheckUP, the day will include topics such as nutrition; early cancer detection; important check-ups for men; as well as mental health and wellbeing. Best of all, the day includes a FREE BBQ lunch, and our café and beatifiul gardens will also be open for family and friends of attendees, so be sure to register yourself and any of your male friends and family by CLICKING HERE and filling in your details.

Another partnership we are delighted to continue is the one we have with Play for Purpose. I wish to congratulate our supporters who were lucky winners in the last round. If you were indeed a lucky winner and would like to share your story, please reach out – we'd love to hear it!

I am pleased to announce Round 7 has now officially opened with raffle tickets on sale. This round the prize on offer are 'pure gold’, with 1st prize being $250,000 in cashable gold to spend on anything you like! But that’s not all, there are hundreds of other prizes also to be one including a $15,000 world travel club voucher, $10,000 Myer shopping spree, a $5,000 JB Hi-Fi voucher and a $1,000 BCF vouchers.

For those who aren’t familiar with this partnership, Play for Purpose provides an important revenue stream for Bloomhill to help us subsidise our counselling services at our Wellness Centre in Buderim. From every $10 ticket sold, we receive $5. This Round our target is to sell 10,000 tickets – which will enable us to secure additional fully-subsidised counselling hours for Bloomhill Clients.

This will directly translate to more children and more families receiving free psycho-social and emotional support through access to individual counselling sessions, children’s play therapy sessions, and participation in our Bereavement Support groups. All essential care and support for our clients emotional health and wellbeing and recognition of the value of carer support  - who are often overlooked when supporting or surviving a loved one with cancer. 

10,000 tickets is our most ambitious target yet. So to provide added incentive for those unsure whether to participate and have yet to buy a ticket, my staff have convinced me to pledge to you – our valued supporters - that if we collectively hit this 10,000 ticket sales by July 17 (when the draw closes), I will take on the cancer fundraising trifecta (dye my hair, full body wax and shave my head) the very next day. So it is with great trepidation that I now challenge you (with a cold sweat beading on my brow) to see me fulfill my pledge – by clicking here to grab yourself a ticket  (or 10, or 20) and sharing this Bloomhill-specific Play for Purpose ticket website link far and wide across your networks. You of course will be our real life heros - by helping us transform lives with your support.

Now on to something else, we are pleased this month to share a two-stories on philanthropy in action here at Bloomhill. The first is on Ann and John Crosby who have again supported our client support program this year, by funding our Art Therapy program for 2020. Due to lack of operational funds last year, we were facing the very real prospect of not continuing art therapy this year. However, with Ann and John’s help our beautiful clients will be able to use art as an expression of their cancer journey, under the cable guidance of our resident art therapist Clair Pinks. 

Clair and our clients graciously agreed to also sit down with our volunteer journalists to share just what philanthropy in action looks like here at our Wellness Centre in Buderim. We hope you enjoy reading the very real impact philanthropy has with us.  We always warmly welcome interest discussed over a cup of tea on how you can make a positive impact with your philanthropy at Bloomhill. So please don’t be a stranger if this is something you would like to explore with myself or our friendly fundraising team 

On this note (pardon the pun), tickets are now on sale for our annual JAZZ AND SHIRAZ AFTERNOON in the Bloomhill gardens which will this year be held on Sunday August 9. Last month, Michele G the lead singer of Girl Friday spoke candidly with our volunteer journalist about her family connection with cancer, how she came to know about Bloomhill, and how her band is planning to continue their support for us when they launch their next album. A great read and great event so get your tickets quick!

Last, but not least don’t forget to check out our Bloomhill Signature Events Calendar available at the bottom of this month’s e-news. There is something for everyone – we can’t wait to connect and create great memories with you.

Enough from me, please click through and enjoy this month’s e-news.  

Your sincerely, 

Chris Franck 

Chief Executive Officer