Bloomhill's newest support group is meeting a very specific need.

The young adult support group is a place for people with cancer to meet and share experience and support for the age group 20’s/30’s/40’s.  Young adults in this age group have specific concerns when diagnosed with cancer. This is a time when they are meeting people, forming close relationships, getting married, or looking to start a family. Studying or furthering careers may also be occurring. A cancer diagnosis can interfere with these important parts of life, so connecting with other young adults who are going through a similar experience can be rewarding and beneficial.

The group is open to anyone with cancer in that age group – at any stage of disease – so this could range from newly diagnosed, finished treatment and into survivorship or advanced stage cancer. 

The common denominator is having cancer in the ages 20-40’s. As there have been a number of clients in this age group wanting to share experiences with people in the same stage of life, Bloomhill staff members Kirsty (nurse) and Ryan (exercise physiologist) decided to start one. 

Group members can support, share, laugh and learn together with thoughtfulness, empathy and understanding. Catch ups are held on the second Monday of each month.

The group will be a safe space and is open to the public – so don’t need to be a client of Bloomhill to come along. Anyone who is interested can ring reception on 5445 5794 to book in, or can speak with Kirsty or Ryan if you have any questions.