Bloomhill Op Shop managers, CEO Chris Franck, Treasurer Michael Wise, and Board member Jason Hope recently attended a Strategic Planning Day at the Buderim Centre to better understand how the Op Shop chain can continue to grow and raise money to meet the future cancer care needs of the Sunshine Coast community. 

The Bloomhill Distribution Centre and 11 Bloomhill Opportunity Shops are scattered throughout the Sunshine Coast. These businesses form the backbone income currently generated to support the Sunshine Coast Charity's Buderim Wellness Centre.

"Strategy Days such as these are essential to identify opportunities to satisfy the enormous growth in demand for services seen at our Wellness Centre in the past few years." CEO Chris Franck says.

Chris went on to explain that the Op shops also play an important role within the Sunshine Coast community by providing an outlet for global growth in awareness around sustainable living, and the 'recycled economy'.

"While the Op Shops provide an alternative for the mindful consumer they also provide affordable clothing and furniture for people facing financial hardship." Chris said.

At the Strategy Workshop Op Shop managers worked together to identify current and emerging business challenges as well as opportunities looking forward. Growth in very cheap imported clothing being sold through large retail groups, and rapid increase in online selling and distribution of clothing and furniture, were just some of the challenges identified on the day.

"The team did a fantastic job work shopping future challenges and opportunities facing the Op Shop sector, and identified quite a few short- and longer-term idea’s to be progressed to ensure Bloomhill's sustainability and importance in the market is maintained." said Board member Jason Hope. “We look forward to updating our supporters of these exciting changes in the near future”

Bloomhill's Op shops are strongly supported by volunteers who work passionately alongside shop managers to deliver the day to day retail operational tasks of sorting and selling donated goods. To this end, volunteers play a critical role to the ongoing success and sustainability of Bloomhill's Op Shop chain and ultimately the viability of the Survivor-Wellness Centre. 

Should you or someone you know be interested in joining our mission to support the Sunshine Coast community to live well with cancer, please contact one of our friendly Op Shop team or visit the Buderim Survivor-Wellness Centre to speak with our Volunteer Department. 

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