A desire to spend more time with his clients was the incentive for Daniel Bradford to apply for a nursing position with Bloomhill Cancer Care. 

The former accounting student who switched to nursing to fulfil a desire to work with people bases his approach on developing a rapport and connection with his patients. 

He acknowledges the satisfaction of helping people with a difficult health issue and is grateful for the trust placed in him by his patients. 

“We look at the long-term issues of chemo and emotional well-being. The focus is holistic and takes everything into consideration. We spend time and delve into their social, emotional and physical needs”, Dan said 

“As a Bloomhill nurse I have dedicated time with patients. We have time to talk, to be supportive and helpful.” 

Clinical Nurse Kirsty Ferguson, Dan’s one-on-one Bloomhill coach as he learns his new role, describes working at Bloomhill as a “humanitarian choice”. “We nurses want to be here to provide holistic care.” 

Dan, Bloomhill’s first male nurse, helps clients work through their care plan and enables them to choose what support they require. 

From an initial interview with their nurse, clients discuss their needs and together work out a plan for well-being. 

The range of allied health services provided at Bloomhill include psychology, dietician advice, exercise physiology and lymphoedema treatment. Thanks to our volunteer network, child minding and transport to treatment services are also provided for clients undergoing treatment. 

There are a number of support groups at Bloomhill including young adults, men’s support and survivorship support, and a variety of specific cancer support groups including the brain tumour, myeloma and breast cancer support groups. 

Dan divides his nursing time between Bloomhill and the oncology treatment world – nursing patients as they undergo chemotherapy and then, with his patients at Bloomhill, guiding them along their path towards recovery or long-term care living with cancer. 

We welcome Dan with open arms as a new and valued member of the Bloomhill team. 

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