Q&A with psychologist Melissa Herdy  

What do you do for Bloomhill? 

I am a Clinical Psychologist, working two days a week at this stage.  

My clients are referred by their GP under a Mental Health Care Plan and these sessions are bulk billed, meaning no out-of-pocket cost to the client.  

I aim to take a client-centred approach, tailoring my support to the individual and their needs. My therapy approach primarily draws from evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  

People come to see me about a range of issues, which often involves coming to terms with the impacts of cancer treatment or the caring role on personal wellbeing as well as relationships. I also enjoy working with clients who are re-evaluating next steps in life during their survivorship as well as redefining their values and hopes for the future.  


What is your work background and experience, and how does that work at Bloomhill?  

I have worked in many roles over the past 24 years, ranging from Kids Help Line to disability services to university counselling services and private practice. I hope that this has furnished me with a deep and rich experience that allows me to connect with my clients compassionately and to understand the human condition through many phases of life and development.  

I love that in my work as a psychologist there is always more to learn, discover and explore. I hope I will always retain my curiosity and deep caring for as well as my genuine desire to make a positive difference and empower others.  

How you feel about Bloomhill and the services provided?  

I am humbled to have joined an extremely caring and competent multidisciplinary team. The services offered seem incredibly valuable and multifaceted. It is a fantastic one-stop shop of services and supports, with something on offer for most people. 


Would you tell us about your life outside Bloomhill? 

Life outside of Bloomhill is very much focused on toddler wrangling and navigating family life with a 'tween'! This translates into much negotiating, conflict resolution, funny moments and enjoying the moment mindfully.  

I really enjoy the beautiful natural environment of the Sunshine Coast and trying to be active. Recently, I enjoyed participating in a 30km walk as part of Coastrek, to raise money for BeyondBlue.  

Monday 30th August 2021