On 12 April Bloomhill Cancer Care’s Pandemic Committee met to discuss the easing of mandated restrictions coming into effect this week and what it means for our clients, visitors, staff and volunteers.

As of 1am Thursday 14 April 2022, the requirement to check-in and to be fully vaccinated in a range of venues and events will end.

Venues include pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants; theme parks, casinos and cinemas; weddings; showgrounds; and galleries, libraries, museums and stadiums.

Vaccination and check-in requirements will continue for anyone visiting or working in vulnerable settings (hospitals, disability accommodation services and residential aged care) as well as for workers in high risk settings including schools, childcare, prisons and airports.

What this means for Bloomhill

The café will no longer be required to require patrons be vaccinated, and check-in will no longer be required.

There will no changes to the Wellness Changes and check-in and vaccination requirements at this stage.


Everyone can help reduce the risk by doing a few small things to help keep everyone COVID safe:

1.      Get your booster if you haven’t already! If you are over 65, over 50 and Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, immune compromised – then you can have a second booster/fourth dose/winter booster

2.      Continue to wear a mask—wear required; in hospitals, residential aged care, disability accommodation, prisons, public transport, taxis and rideshare, airports and on planes.

3.      Get a COVID-19 test if you have symptoms, or are a close contact

4.      Stay home when sick— if you are feeling unwell, even with only very mild symptoms, it’s extremely important to get tested and stay home.

5.      Keep your distance—maintain physical distancing (1.5m) when you’re outside your home. Keep your distance if you can: at the shops, on public transport, at work, and when you’re visiting with others. Shaking hands, hugging and kissing hello are still not COVID safe.

6.      Good hand hygiene—sounds simple, but washing your hands properly is important. Wash your hands with soap regularly, try not to touch your face. Use hand sanitiser if you can’t wash your hands: at the shops, when using public transport, at work or when visiting with others.

Author: Georgie Bird  Published: 14 April 2022