Written by Jan Richards

July 8, 2020

As an era ended with the final editions of the Sunshine Coast Newspaper Company’s publications last week, for many of us it was a nostalgic time as we remembered a long-held habit of making a cuppa and sitting down to read the local paper.

As the news has moved into the digital era, and we now sit down with a cuppa and our tablet or phone to catch up on the latest happenings, Bloomhill would like to say “thank you”.

Thank you for your continued support. A flick through back issues shows just how the local daily and weekly newspapers chronicled the ongoing events, activities, highs and occasional lows of 23 years of operations at Bloomhill. From elation at receiving substantial grants to the lows of the Covid pandemic as it hit Bloomhill’s income and closed all but its virtual doors to clients.

Stories about local businesses making donations, local community organisations running fundraising events, messages of hope from cancer survivors, announcements of new facilities, programs and activities… more than 60 stories in just the past 5 years.

Thank you to the publishers who ran our stories, the editors who listed them for inclusion, the journalists who held interviews, the editors who found space for them in their pages, the copy editors who checked details, the page designers who presented the stories, the proof readers, printers, press gang and all those behind-the-scenes workers who helped in their own way keep Bloomhill and its stories in front of the eyes of our local community.

Thank you for helping us to spread our mission to support local people who are impacted by cancer. Thank you for helping us to tell our stories, promote our activities and events and help keep Bloomhill in front of readers throughout the Coast.

And thank you for the community news service you have provided and will continue to provide to our local area.

The staff, supporters and clients at Bloomhill.